Bruce Timm Adding More Story To ‘Killing Joke’ Film

At last year’s Comic Con, DC dropped a bomb in announcing that they will be taking the critically acclaimed book Batman: The Killing Joke, and adapting it into an animated film. The only issue is with the book being so short, there really isn’t enough material there to make a full length film. Bruce Timm, the mastermind behind¬†Batman: The Animated Series addressed this problem at Wizard World this past weekend.

“The one big difference about it, as opposed to those other projects (The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & Part 2), is The Killing Joke… the source material is really not long enough to make an entire feature film out of, so we actually had to add a lot more story to it. Which is tricky. But I think we came up with a really good solution on how that worked.”

For those of you looking to attend this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, you’re in for a special treat regarding the anticipated animated adaptation.

“We’re actually going to be premiering it at San Diego Comic-Con.”image

Do you plan on being at SDCC when The Killing Joke premieres? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: ConTv