Alfred is Far More than a Butler in ‘Batman v Superman’

While Batman v Superman draws a lot of inspiration from Frank Miller’s beloved The Dark Knight Returns, with scenes that appear to be ripped straight out of its pages, not everything in the film is a direct adaptation by any means. Director Zack Snyder has taken liberties with the character of Bruce Wayne’s trusty butler, Alfred Pennyworth, and has given his backstory a bit of a makeover. The companion book for BvS contains some information about how Jeremy Iron’s character was hired by Thomas and Martha Wayne as a bodyguard, as opposed to the butter role we all know him to fill. In the DCEU, Alfred is a former Special Air Service officer, with a skill set including intel communications, weapons and tech, and medical training. All of these capabilities make up a pretty helpful hand to assist the Dark Knight’s crusades for justice. Fans of Fox’s Gotham are no strangers to an Alfred much like this one; many times he has come to Bruce’s rescue and has fought alongside Detective Gordon, as well as having a military background of his own. It sounds, however, that Iron’s incarnation will be even more hands-on than Sean Pertwee’s, so we should see a very interesting dynamic between Alfred and Bruce.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to see a more active Alfred? Or would you prefer him to continue catering to Bruce? Let us know in the comments


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