Anthony Mackie Talks The Falcon: Not Sure About Solo Film

While promoting his upcoming flick, Triple 9, Falcon actor, Anthony Mackie offers comments to his character and how his experience with Marvel has been different to working on Triple 9.

One thing that is no secret with the actors in these shared universes, is that traditionally, they all get along. In fact, they genuinely enjoy each other’s company and consider themselves friends. Sure, typically actors working on any individual project are buddies, but knowing that you’ll be working with the same people time after time, creates a richer relationship.

When asked if he would do a solo outing with Marvel as his now notorious character, Sam Wilson, the actor said,

“No I don’t know man. I don’t know. I like going to work with good people. Like shooting this movie [Triple 9] it wasn’t really work. We got to hang out and have a good time and really get to know each other. I’ve admired Aaron Paul’s work long before Breaking Bad. I’ve admired Chiwetel [Ejiofor]’s work. Kate [Winslet] is admirable. So to be able to go to work and meet these people and see the way they work and kind of delve into their process as well is really a learning experience for me. So I feel like when you go to work and it’s just you and it’s me – ‘Look at me, haha’ – it takes away from that.”

So after a pretty surprising answer to a scenario offering him an amazing opportunity, he was asked if he would actually turn it down, or just wouldn’t be super excited about it, to which he replied,

“I don’t know, I don’t know. That means my dudes are not going to be there. So Chris [Evans] is not going to be there. Sebastian [Stan] is not going to be there.”

When it was mentioned that Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers would probably cameo in this hypothetical film, Mackie continued to stay loyal to his buddies,

“No, no. Then that week is going to be hell. Hanging out with Chris for a week and then he’s like ‘I don’t want to leave!’ And I’m like ‘Chris dude, you gotta leave.’ You know, it’s just going to be a problem.”

Although the odds of a Falcon film are close to none, at least at this stage of the MCU (who knows, maybe he will be in star in the next Captain America film as Cap himself?).

What are your guys’ thoughts? Would you watch a Falcon solo film, or do you think he is better of co-starring? Comment your thoughts below!

Source: IGN

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