‘Daredevil’ Trailers Released!

A week ago we were given the first look at Daredevil season 2 featuring a lot of Jon Bernthal’s new Punisher. The trailer is very much an origin for Punisher and to show what his motives will be throughout the season. Punisher, Frank Castle, is a man that has lost everything to criminals and thugs. They have killed his entire family and now in return he will kill all of them. No one will stand in his way, not even Daredevil. Matt Murdock is trying to solve the crime and bring Punisher to see the error of his ways and that there is other ways to deal with the criminals, but Castle has his mindset and he knows who he is, as well as, knowing who Daredevil is. In the trailer below Punisher says, “You hit them and they get back up. I hit them and they stay down!”

Only a few moments ago we were given another look at the highly anticipated Season 2. This trailer shows us Daredevil will have other problems that Punisher this season and it also introduces us to a former lover, Elektra. The Hand has come to Hell’s Kitchen and a former group that Daredevil had thought he had gotten rid of has returned, now Elektra wants to help him. There are bad guys that need to be punished, pun intended, but that isn’t the only thing on the line for Matt Murdock. His long time friendship with Foggy Nelson is also on the line and it looks to be falling apart rather quickly as Matt refuses to let the city fall to darkness and Foggy would rather watch it fall then to lose a friend.

How will it all turn out? We will have to wait and see on March 18 when the show returns to Netflix. What new character are you looking forward to the most? Punisher or Elektra? Be sure to let us know on Facebook and Twitter!