Justice League Costumes?


Boy it’s been a crazy day for DC Comics fans today! First we got official confirmation that Warner Bros. is indeed moving forward with the Justice League film contrary to recent rumors and now this! In case you guys missed it, Zack Snyder has just posted an image of himself with Jason Momoa (Arthur Curry/Aquaman) on his Twitter account in front of a workshop in preparation of Justice League production. While it’s a nice image of the two of them eagerly anticipating the start of production in April, the real treasure to behold here is why lies behind the two of them. We can clearly see some new costumes and concept art in the background so let’s dissect what we’ve got here.


So to start right over Zack’s right shoulder we get a collection of about three costumes that will be used in Justice League: Aquaman, Flash, and a full black suit that we’re not quite sure who it belongs to (we’ll get to that). First let’s discuss the suits of Aquaman and Flash.


It looks like Aquaman’s costume gets a bit of an upgrade from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and closer resembles his classic look with some armored enhancements. As a huge Aquaman fan, I am thrilled beyond belief with this image. It honestly looks perfect to me. Flash’s costume appears to be even brighter than one would anticipate. His costume looks almost exactly like it came from the comics, and it even has the lightning bolt ear pieces as well! I know that was one complaint I heard from fans when DC Films showed their special back in January. Rest assured fans, it looks like the lightning bolt ears are indeed coming along for the ride next year.

The question I’m seeing among fans right now is the black suit. Who does it belong to? Nightwing? A new Batman suit? Black Manta? Orm? Well, I had a fellow follower and DC fan suggest the idea that it was Cyborg’s costume before the CGI enhancements and I have to agree with him. That idea seems to be the most plausible. Until we see more from Justice League, I suppose we’re going to have to wait on that one.

Now, let’s take a look at a few more treasures we can spot in this image. Let’s take a look right behind Aquaman’s legs. It’s a few concept pieces and does she look familiar? You bet she does! That would be our Atlantean, redheacd Queen Mera! And I must say, that concept art is looking fantastic. I was afraid they might take some liberties with her, but judging by that concept art, we are definitely getting a comic-accurate Queen Mera and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Let’s keep this tour moving around the workshop. Over the left shoulder of the black suit we see what appears to be an “unmasked Darth Vader” like mannequin. Who could that be? My guess is that it could be part of Cyborg’s look. Or could it be Brainiac? Am I reaching here? Anyways if we take a look over Jason Momoa’s left side we see some armor sitting on a workbench. Could it be Atlantean? Or is it part of the Amazon’s armor? I’ve had a few people suggesting Ocean Master to me, and honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me, but we can’t know for certain. Not yet anyway. And finally we see some female body armor that could potentially be part of Mera’s look, or another look to Wonder Woman.

I’m almost tempted to suggest making today a holiday for the amount of information we got today regarding Justice League. So let us know what you think about the image. Who do you think the armor belongs to? What do you think of the new costumes? Today is your day DC Comics fans, get out there and enjoy it.