Oliver Queen Gets A New Look In Upcoming ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Episode!


    After last weeks episode of Legends of Tomorrow, we are left wondering where Oliver Queen is and who has taken his place in the year 2046. Well thanks to none other than the present day Green Arrow, Stephen Amell, and his Twitter we have our first look at the future Green Arrow.


Finally we see the iconic goatee but facial hair isn’t the only thing that has changed about the Emerald Archer. He has a robotic left arm!


Anyone that is a fan of The Dark Knight Returns, knows what this might mean. In the arguably best Batman story to date, Oliver Queen loses his arm to a very angry Superman. While the producers and showrunners have made it clear that we won’t be seeing major characters in the TV series, such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, anytime soon, they have mentioned them quite a few times. While the numerous mentions could only be fan service, I believe that it could mean more for our DC TV Universe.

While the expansion of the DC TV Universe is hinted at with major characters, a minor one might have been introduced at the end of our last episode. Connor Hawke(pictured above next to Green Arrow), the son of Oliver Queen, is a master archer like his father and an expert in martial arts. Months ago the producers of the show said Connor would be coming to the show but it wouldn’t be the Connor Hawke we know from the comics.

A lot of information has been given out about the hit show, there is a little something more. For a couple weeks there has been some talk on whether we will see Deathstroke, a fan favorite villain, return to the show. Pure speculation from fans is saying in the picture above, Oliver Queen is about to face off with Deathstroke yet again!

Is the new archer Connor Hawke? Is Deathstroke coming back to DC TV? And do you like Ollie’s new look? Be sure to let us know on Twitter and Facebook on what you think about all the news surrounding the Green Arrow this week!