Speculation on the DCEU’s Green Lantern Corps

Each day we get closer to the release of Warner Bros. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems more rumors and reports begin to trickle in. While some may be a bit far-fetched, there have been some that could potentially be legit. After all, last week there was indeed a private screening for certain individuals and apparently, some took to social media to talk about the film. I will warn that there could BE SOME POTENTIAL SPOILERS HERE. So if you don’t want to read any potential spoilers, I’d urge you to step away. For those of you who’ve chosen to stick around, let’s talk about what we can expect from the DCEU’s Green Lantern.

We’ve known for a while now that Warner Bros. is indeed going to move forward with a Green Lantern film even after abysmal ratings for the Ryan Reynolds film from 2011. However, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment know the importance of the Lanterns in the DCU and not having them would be a disservice to themselves and ultimately to their fans. The kicker though, is that instead of a solo film featuring just Hal Jordan or John Stewart, the film is going to be called Green Lantern Corps and instead focus on the Lanterns as an ensemble. Now we can guess that Hal Jordan and John Stewart are going to be two of the more pivotal characters of the film, but personally, I think that’s a much better move by Warner Bros. this time around.

So, remember that SPOILERS warning from above? Well, this is the part where if you haven’t left yet and want to, you probably should. Ok, so from that private screening of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, apparently, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash aren’t the only ones making an appearance. That’s right, according to a user from Reddit, Hal Jordan will be making his DCEU debut in the Man of Steel follow up. Apparently, he will first be shown in the flashback of Zod’s attack on Metropolis taking on his drones and then appearing towards the end of the film as Green Lantern. So who’s playing him you ask? Well none other than Dan Amboyer, a relatively unknown actor who has been rumored to be playing Hal Jordan for months ever since his credits on IMDb listed him as “Drone Pilot.” So for those of you who haven’t seen the posting on Reddit, here’s what the message said:

-Dan Amboyer plays Hal Jordan, an American Air Force Pilot. Otherwise known as Green Lantern!

-His suit wasn’t full CGI, but had CGI enhancements in few areas (an Injustice look).

-His first line when he revealed himself sold me: “What? You didn’t think I’d join the party?” with a huge smile on his face.

-Green Lantern looks like classic Green Lantern with WHITE GLOVES and DOMINO mask!

-Dan Amboyer as Hal Jordan was funny. He was cocky and brash, and had every right to be with all the cool stuff he did.

-He was comic accurate, all green, always glowing, using Tanks, Jets, Swords, Shields, Brick Walls, Lasers, Bubbles!

So that was from the Reddit posting from a viewer who was present at the private screening. However, take this with a grain of salt as you should every rumor, but even so, that sounds like a DC Comics fan’s dream! I’ll admit, I had some doubts and I still do to some extent of what the Green Lantern of the DCEU will be like. After the disappointment of 2011’s Green Lantern and WB’s emphasis on “realism” I was sure we wouldn’t get a comic accurate Green Lantern again. And I was definitely sure it wouldn’t be Hal Jordan. If this rumor is to be believed, then I suppose all my doubts can be swept aside and yes, in fact it looks as if the Justice League’s Green Lantern will indeed be Hal Jordan. It wouldn’t be surprising anyway, since the DCEU’s Justice League roster is essentially the exact same team found in the New 52 Justice League title. After hearing scoops like this it’s almost impossible to not imagine what will be in store for Green Lantern down the line. Much like my last article, I’d like to speculate on what we could see with Green Lantern as the DCEU continues to move along.


So, now that we’ve covered some of the basics with DCEU Green Lantern, let’s discuss what we’d like to see! As I mentioned earlier, the concept for the new Green Lantern film is said to no longer be a solo film, but rather an ensemble film. It’s been described as a sort of “Lethal Weapon” like, buddy-cop film focusing on Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the main protagonists. Ultimately, this is a win-win for comic fans. Hal Jordan is probably the best known Green Lantern and rightfully so. He was the first human to ever wield the emerald ring. John Stewart really became a star with the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited cartoon series from the earlier 2000s. Characters that are associated with both characters should make an appearance as well. Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s on and off girlfriend, should definitely make an appearance either as just herself or as Star Sapphire (or maybe both?). Perhaps, John could be struggling over the loss of fellow Green Lantern, and his wife Katma Tui as well. Either way, supporting characters for both Hal and John should be present.

Ever since the announcement came out that Green Lantern would be another film in DC’s 10 film slate, fans have been pondering even arguing which Lantern would or should appear. Well, it seems as if DC’s sort of removed that conversation and are giving us both! While other Lanterns should have a good amount of screen time, ultimately, Hal and John should be our main protagonists and the plot should be steered by both of them. Now that we’ve established the two leading characters, what other Lanterns should show up? Well, here’s who I think would make a great addition, and ultimately I’d love to hear your suggestions as well!


-The lead trainer of the Green Lanterns, Kilowog made an appearance in the 2011 Green Lantern film, and should definitely return for this one. He actually has a pretty interesting background, should they choose to explore it. He’s the last survivor of Bolovax Vik. He can seem very harsh at times but he’s always willing to put his life on the line for his fellow brother and sister Lanterns. It would also benefit the DCEU to showcase a true alien as an important character and really drive home the fact that the DC Universe is a VERY large place and Earth is just one bit of it.


Soranik Natu is one of the best doctors in the universe, hailing from Korugar. She is the daughter of Hal Jordan’s arch nemesis, Sinestro, which could make for some very dramatic storytelling options since it’s more than likely that Sinestro will be the main villain. She’s often been torn between her duties as a doctor and helping her people of Korugar and her duties as a Green Lantern, so that could also present some very interesting story options. She was a main character in the 2006 Green Lantern Corps series which really put her at the forefront and led to a dramatic showdown between herself and her father, Sinestro during the “Sinestro Corps War” event.


Quite possibly the most unexpected Lantern of all, Mogo is also the most powerful Lantern to ever exist. He is a sentient planet, whose purpose was to find appropriate wielders for the power rings. He provides a sort of haven for fellow Lanterns who need inspiration and help when they are feeling down. Currently, Mogo is the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps as Oa was destroyed by a character named Relic in the comics. While I wouldn’t imagine him having a huge part, it would be just enough to show him or mention him in some way. He’s a very instrumental being for the Corps and while it seems far-fetched, his inclusion would be something new and original for the comic book film genre.


Even if you don’t know her name, she’s an easily recognizable female Green Lantern who has done her fair share to rise in stardom. Arisia would make a great addition to the film. The Green Lantern film should consist of a good mix of male and female heroes and with her and Soranik added to the character list, you couldn’t go wrong. I wouldn’t imagine her having too much screen time, but just enough. Obviously though, her suit would need a little redesign…

Other characters who would make a great fit in the film would be Salaak, Ganthet, Tamar-Re, Sodom Yat, and possibly name dropping Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner. As much as I’d love to see those two in the film, I feel like it would really be cramming them in. With two leads, it’s already going to be a challenge making sure both get an appropriate amount of screen time.

The Green Lantern Corps film has a lot to accomplish in such a small amount of time. While hopefully by the time it’s released many people will have forgotten about the Ryan Reynolds one and have chosen to embrace this new one as something fresh. To me, Green Lantern Corps has to be the Guardians of the Galaxy of the DC films. I’m not saying it has to have a ton of comedy, though I’ll admit that that couldn’t hurt, but it needs to fully embrace what it is: a cosmic tale. This isn’t Gotham or Metropolis. This shouldn’t be gritty or dare I say it “realistic.” It needs to fully embrace those fantastical elements of the Green Lantern Universe. This is a science fiction journey and it needs to feel like that.

Contrary to where a lot of the 2011 Green Lantern film took place, Green Lantern Corps should choose not to dwell on Earth and only show it for brief moments such as introducing some supporting characters. This is the chance to show some really cool planets and solar systems. Now you may be wondering who the main villain might be, right? Well, I think everyone including myself would flat out say Sinestro. That’s easily the most logical choice for a villain but does he need to be alone? Sure he should be the only one getting a lot of development or else this movie would feel very crammed but what about name dropping characters like Atrocitus? Or even just talking about the Red Lanterns? This film should definitely feature an incursion from the Sinestro Corps. My thinking would be that Hal and John have been at this for a while, and since we got a little taste of who they were in 2011, this really shouldn’t dwell too much on the origins of the Green Lanterns and who they are. A little bit of exposition and then it’s time to get moving with the story. I’m thinking something along the lines of Sinestro Corps War for inspiration. A huge fight takes place between the Green Lanterns and the newly minted Sinestro Corps War to possibly destroy Mogo or even Oa lead by Sinestro. Of course, this troubles the Guardians because it is one step closer to seeing the prophecy of the War of Light coming to pass and eventually…the Blackest Night. By the end of the film we should know about the emergence of the different Corps (Reds, Sapphires, Blues, etc). And the last shot of the film should be an eerie picture letting us know what is to come … (see below).


With so many DC films coming out, it’s hard not to get excited about the possibilities in store for each character. I have a feeling that Green Lantern fans and DC fans in general are going to absolutely love what is in store for Hal, John, and the rest of the Corps.