The Division: Is it Going to be Worth it?

The answer is yes. It will absolutely be worth it. This game takes of everything you love about Day Z, or H1Z1 and makes them cooler. Who doesn’t want that?! Now, is the game going to be for everyone? Of course!  It’s the kind of game that’s going to take you in, keep you nice and cozy, and then rob senseless. Leaving you out in the dark and cold streets of New York City. Now, you’d think that most games like this don’t really have a story. Or at least a very good one. Lucky for us, The Division changes the landscape of how games normally do things. The devs tell a tale of a virus that is spread with money through out the city on Black Friday. Seeing as that’s usually the busiest shopping day of the year, it’s a fairly logical time for an attack. Your job as part of The Division is to infiltrate Manhattan and take down the bad guys. Which consist of multiple factions. While you’re spending your time dodging bullets and what not, you’ll also be picking up a variety of loot. Ranging from new guns to cool scarves. The guns you’ll be grabbing also range in level. the lowest level is gray, and the highest is gold. In between you have green, blue, and purple. Unfortunately you can’t just go up to a vendor and buy the best loot in the game. That’s where the Dark Zone comes in. The Dark Zone is the place where you’ll be able to fulfill all your PVP (player vs player) needs, and as I said before, it’s where all the best loot is within the game. But of course you cab’t just go grabbing it all willy-nilly like. Any loot you pick up will have to be extracted via helicopter. Which is a bit of a pain but definitely worth it, and by pain I mean that there’ll be other players wanting your stuff and willing to do anything for it. You picking up what I’m laying down here, folks? That’s right. These guys are the worst of the worst. They’re called Rogues. Rogues are agents of The Division who have attacked and robbed their colleagues. They’ve abandoned everything they vowed to protect, and replaced with the stuff of nightmares. All that being said it’s best to stay away from them. Unless you’re feeling lucky.

So that covers it for now, gang.

My name’s Andrew and this has been an update on The Division.

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