“The Wolverine 3” Reportedly Shooting For R-Rating; Not Because Of “Deadpool”


Last week, a rumor started circulating around the internet that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine 3 would be shooting for an R rating and, having witnessed Deadpool‘s tremendous success at the box office, fans concluded that that was probably what sparked that decision. However, The Hollywood Reporter reports (heh) that an R rating has been the goal for the threequel for much longer. And the first clue for that was actually back in summer of 2015, when FOX Studios revealed the picture at the top of this article, where Wolverine seems to be flipping us off, although the studio itself has yet to confirm or deny the R rating.

So, it looks like Logan will be getting some more blood on his claws, and probably also swearing à la Deadpool. What do you guys think about this? Let us know down below!

The untitled Wolverine threequel, one last time starring Hugh Jackman, will begin shooting in one month and is scheduled to release March 3, 2017.