Zoom’s Identity Revealed On ‘The Flash’!



On last nights episode of The Flash Barry Allen is faced with one of his most dangerous, King Shark. King Shark, a man who is biologically mutated with a shark and he is on a warpath to get his revenge on Flash. The special effects once again have not disappointed with King Shark. He looks visually terrifying and he sounds horrific with the voice of David Hayter. Throughout the episode Barry is struggling with the things he saw on Earth 2. The death of Joe on Earth 2, being married to Iris, and Caitlyn’s evil counterpart, Killer Frost.

Barry and Wally have a little bit of a bonding moment before Wally decides to be usual old Wally and take offense to everything anyone does, even if what they are doing is trying to help him. Which in this case is what Barry was trying to do, but Wally helps Barry realize something. Wally called Barry a coward, but that’s not true but it did help Barry realize he’s hiding what he saw on Earth 2. He tells Joe and Iris what he saw and was really able to get everything off his chest and with him telling them of the other Joe’s death and being married to Iris. He got so attached and it all felt so real because in his reality it WAS all real. That is a point in his life that happened. He lived those moments. He saw the man that raised him die and he doesn’t want that happening on this world. He doesn’t want to have to watch his family die because of him putting them in danger.

Joe and Iris talk him down and tell him it isn’t him but it is. It really is his fault Earth 2, Joe die. But by the end of this episode he is guided with the help of his friends that he has to move on, and we all already know this young hero does need help, but he doesn’t have to forget.

The logo flashes, no pun intended, onto the screen and we see Zoom’s lair. Zoom, lightning streaking across his body, carrying Jay’s, assumingly, dead body and drops him onto the ground. We see the mysterious man in the iron mask with fear in his eyes. Zoom slowly raises his hands to take off the mask and who is under? HUNTER ZOLOMON! Jay Garricks Earth 1 counter part!


I truly believe that this is Hunter Zolomon because the producers and writers of the show are huge fans of the comics and they stayed faithful to the true identity of Reverse Flash in season 1 and I think they will do the same this season. Others have speculated that this could possibly be a Jay from another Earth and the Earth 1 Jay is the mysterious man in the iron mask.

Who do you believe Zoom is? Is he Hunter Zolomon? Or is the another Jay from another Earth? Be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!