‘Batman : A Telltale Games Series’ Will Tell R Rated Stories!

Yesterday at SXSW, Telltale Games dropped some more news and information regarding their upcoming Batman video game, Batman: A Telltale Game Series. All the news is simply revolved around the story of the upcoming game, which is good news seeing as Telltale Games are more story driven than anything.

The game will focus on the decision making the player makes throughout the game and interestingly enough we aren’t only going to be making important story decisions as Batman but also as Bruce Wayne. The decisions we make during the day will have an effect on us at night as Batman and it goes both ways. We will have the choice in certain parts of the games on whether or not to approach a scene as Batman or Bruce Wayne. Our decisions will effect more than just Bruce Wayne, It’ll also effect the other characters in the story and shape the Gotham City around you.

The game will not be tied to any other universe of the DC Universe and any other Batman storyline. The story told in the upcoming Batman adventure will be a new interpretation of the character and Gotham City and it will be set in current times. As of yet there haven’t been any confirmations on other characters that will be feature in the story aside from Bruce Wayne but one can go ahead and assume that the game will feature key characters to the Batman Universe, like Alfred or Commissioner Gordon.

The studio also made a point to mention that the game will feature mature content that probably won’t be suitable for younger audiences.

The art of the video game will be heavily inspired by the art of Jim Lee, Neil Adams, and Greg Capullo. While we don’t have a visual of the game just yet expect something soon because the game releases this summer.

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