‘Batman V Superman’ Soundtrack Review

Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL accomplish wonders in their most recent collaboration. The Batman V Superman soundtrack is, simply put, a masterpiece of cinematic orchestra. From the electric cello in ‘Is She With You?’, the dramatic melody of ‘Day Of The Dead’ to the eclectic, terrifying rhythm of ‘Must There Be A Superman?’ hypes us for March 24th (or 21st for you lucky fans) as we watch the two most iconic fictional characters duke it out.

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So what can you expect from this soundtrack? Expect a balance of kinetic, pulse pounding beats to slow, emotional piano melodies. The beautiful Superman theme is back, and the Batman theme is incorporated as well. Both sound as if they belong to these heroes and mix into one another in some tracks. Wonder Woman seems to have a bit of a theme as well ‘Is She With You?’, and the main villain, Lex Luthor has a high strung violin theme. All fit into the soundtrack quite well, giving a taste of what the movie will be theme wise. Below is my review and predictions for what each track that is followed visually in the film:

Beautiful Lie: This a powerful but slow-paced track which opens the film. There are some hints to the Batman theme in there as well, so perhaps the opening focuses on introducing the Dark Knight and his painful past?

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Their War Here: The title itself helps us to deduce that this track focuses on the destruction of Metropolis. In it we can clearly hear Bruce’s theme, along with the infamous MoS track which was played during the Zod vs Superman battle. This is clearly a pulsing number, but nearing the end it ends predominantly with a diluted Batman theme, perhaps depicting Bruce’s fear and anger as he holds the little girl amidst the horrible destruction.


The Red Capes Are Coming: The title of this melody is a line used by Lex in one of the trailers, and it seems as if the track is his theme as well. The symphonic, slowly rising (violin?) beat gives me a feeling of a troubled, sadistic genius. I’m guessing this is our first introduction to Luthor.

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Day Of The Dead: This is Superman’s theme, and boy does it pull on my heartstrings. My guess is that this melody plays over a montage of Superman saving civilians, showing the world that he means no harm. The warm, yet melodramatic tone of this track will inspire hope in even the most cynical.

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Must There Be A Superman?: Ever heard the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack? ‘Must There Be A Superman?’ is that on steroids. I think it is safe to assume that this plays over the Knightmare sequence of the film. The chaotic, dark, and fervent sounds hint at a very dramatic and action-packed scene. I also feel there are some Tron: Legacy nods halfway through the track, but you’ll have to hear for yourself.

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New Rules: This track is the weakest (not that it’s bad) of the tracks, I can’t tell if this is a continuation of the track before it (it has some strong Knightmare vibes) or if this is a new dream sequence, because this is one trippy number?

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Do You Bleed?: You will… My guess is that this is the first time Batman and Superman meet as costumed heroes, or, their first fight. This is intense. And I particularly enjoy the electronic amps throughout, very Inception/Dark Knight Rises-esque. Hans Zimmer and Junkie truly delivered in this track, as they have throughout this album.


Problems Up Here: Bringing back the (supposed) Lex Luthor theme, I feel that ‘Problems Up Here’ plays during Superman’s hearing. Or, on a polarizing thought, this could be where we see Lex’s truly maniacal personality.

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Black And Blue: The fight we have all been waiting for. Yes, I believe this track plays during the infamous fight between God vs Man. The blaring trumpets, dominant Batman+Superman theme, and pulsating rhythm leads me to believe that this is the fight’s background. I also noticed a subtle chorus playing in some sections, but what made it stand out was that the chorus was jeering, as if it were a gladiator match! This is one of the strongest tracks in the album. However, the ending is melodramatic, which hints at the emotional scene between Bruce and Clark.

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Tuesday: The track name hides a big spoiler (Tuesday-Doomsday), and it creates a very Frankenstein-ish aura. My prediction is that this is the unleashing of Doomsday in Gotham/Metropolis.

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Is She With You?: This is my favorite song from this soundtrack. And I can’t help but speculate that it’s Wonder Woman’s theme that starts off this unbelievably beautiful number (just like Gal Gadot). The electric cello, Batman’s triumphant theme, and Supes inspiring theme in the end all make for a perfect blend of individual themes and an action packed showdown of the Trinity versus Doomsday. As a plot prediction, with the ending playing Superman’s theme, I have a feeling that this is when Clark launches Doomsday to the sun. It would also explain how one of EW’s editors mentioned the ending could ‘redeem’ Man Of Steel. Time will tell!

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This Is My World: It starts off with a crisp, pure MoS theme; and blends in Batman’s. The theme’s blend several times, making this an emotional track. But halfway through the track we here a distressed Lex theme. My hypothesis is that this is when Luthor loses his hair, Bruce and Clark make amends, and the ending is peaceful, touching, and makes me wonder…do we see the Justice League at the end of this film?

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Men Are Still Good: This track will make you wonder. This is a clear continuation of ‘Must There Be A Superman?’, which hints at a crazy ending. But the violins playing in the second half of the track remind me of Luthor’s theme.


Overall, Batman V Superman’s soundtrack is a masterpiece. It builds up hype for the fans, and I am positive it will accentuate Zack Snyder’s highly anticipated film. My hats go off to Hans and Junkie for their efforts and talent.


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