“Beloved Superhero” To Set Up Second Season Of ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, the newest installment in the CW’s superhero TV show genre, was recently renewed for a second season, and TVLine hears that this season two will be set up by “a beloved superhero from the DC canon” who serves as a “launching off point for season two”. Who could this be? Tell us your theories in the comment section!

Also, the Legends producer recently stated that “[the] team for Season 2, if not in the [physical] makeup of the team, will be changed in the way that [the characters] will be different [people]”.

Sounds like we’ll see some great character development, as well as maybe some new additions to the team! After all, someone’s going to have to fill in for Nick, right? Be sure to let us know who you could see coming to the show!