Ben Affleck Describes Opening Batman Scene As Horror-Like

It’s no surprise that Ben Affleck’s portrayal of the iconic Caped Crusader won’t be like any other iteration we’ve seen before in live-action. This Bruce Wayne/Batman has been active in Gotham for 20 years now, he’s lost people along his way and has battled amongst the countless number of villains in his rouges gallery, some of which we’ll see in Suicide Squad, out on August 5th of this year. It’s also been confirmed that this version of the Batman will be more brutal which has been proven by recent trailers showing him branding his victims and beating them to a bloody pulp Arkham-Style. Still, even though Batfleck has been acting as the Dark Knight in Gotham City for awhile, Zack Snyder has to figure out away to introduce this new version of the character to the audience in such a unique way, that will solidify in all of our minds that this Dark Knight truly is something we’ve never seen before, and thanks to Ben Affleck we now have a clearer picture as to how his introduction to the DCEU will play out. LA Times writer Josh Rottenberg, who we assume has seen the movie said that “The first time we see Batman in this movie, it almost plays like a scene in a horror movie.” Without giving too much away Ben explained what he meant.

“Exactly. It’s like out of Se7en or Aliens or something, which is a really different vibe. My son still watches the Adam West Batman [TV series]. It’s a far cry from where it started.”

A “Horror movie” you say? I don’t know about anyone else, but the first thing that came to my mind was the Inverted Takedown from the Batman: Arkham series.


Will they go this route and make all of Batman’s combat based off the Arkham games? Probably not, but given how frightening it would be to see Batman swoop down from the ceiling to pull a goon into the shadows, I think fans would appreciate something like this to introduce Ben’s Batman. We wont have to wait much longer (Thank God). Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice swoops it’s way into theaters March 25th, 2016.