Ben Affleck’s Batman is “Broken, War-Torn”


While we have seen quite a lot of footage of this month’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, there are certainly still things we don’t know; one of them being Bruce Wayne’s exact motivations for taking on the Son of Krypton. Sure, he could potentially go rogue and kill every human on earth, but is that really a good reason for Batman (who, after all, is just a human, too) to go after and fight him? Well, apparently yes. But in a recent interview with the NY Times, Ben Affleck opened up a little on his Caped Crusader’s past and how that ties into the motivations for battling the Man of Steel:

“He’s living in this gray zone. He’s more broken, not slick. He’s filling the hole in his soul with these increasingly morally questionable nighttime excursions — fighting crime as well as by being this playboy.”

“[Snyder wanted] a A Batman who had been Batman for 20 years, a war-weary Batman”

“The hole in his soul”. This more than likely refers to the death of a Robin, whichever one it may be, brought about by – as many fans assume – The Joker. Henry Cavill (Superman) added to that theory:

“There’s some real pain buried in there, in the soul of this Batman, yet it’s covered with scar tissue. There’s some bitterness, which, if dealt with poorly, can go down a bad road.”

Yes, fighting a being that is virtually a god to humans could very well be described as ‘going down a bad road’. However, Batman wouldn’t be Batman if he didn’t have a plan allowing for him to come out on top. How else would you explain this image (screen cap from one of the trailers)?


Yes, that’s Batman blocking a punch by Superman. We’ll all know how exactly he did that when Batman V Superman opens in theaters NEXT WEEK, on March 25.