‘Captain America: Civil War’ After Credit Scene Is Happening!

Talking with Forbes magazine, the Russo Brothers, directors of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, were asked about the possibility on whether or not there will be an after credits scene at the end of the highly anticipated film, and whether we will see Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in the after credits scene.

Joe: “We can’t say who is going to be in it but we can say that there certainly could be one, or two, maybe three. We can confirm that you should stay sat in your seats when the movie is done.”

One?! Two?! Three?! Possible characters that could appear at the end of Civil War?! Do you think that Doctor Strange will appear? How about a possible Captain Marvel appearance? Maybe the Wasp? OR how about the rumored return of Quicksilver?! Could these be the rumored characters to appear?

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