Chris Evans Explains Conflict In ‘Civil War’; New Team Cap Still Released

Now that marketing is finally kicking off, sites are letting out exclusive interviews with the cast of Captain America: Civil War. The most recent of which being between USA Today and Chris Evans.

When the site had the chance to visit the Marvel set, Evans was asked to touch base on the real, personal conflict his charcater has been handed. Regarding how Steve responds to this, Evans says,

I love when he gets to have conflict. there’s a lot of struggle for him to try and keep whatever sense of family he has.

Steve has always had issues trusting people in the modern MCU, so surely it’ll be tough experiencing this level of betrayal. Continuing on, the actor said,

It’s boring when a good guy knows how to be a good guy. It’s much more dynamic when a good guy isn’t sure what the good guy move is and has to debate another point of view from someone who may be very close to him.

What are your thoughts? Are you siding with Cap when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters? Comment below!

Source: USA Today

New image of Team Cap in 'Civil War'. They added Ant-Man! Via @heroichollywood

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