Finn Jones’ ‘Iron Fist’ Appearing Sooner Than We Thought!

A couple days ago on an episode of Collider Heroes, Heroic Hollywood’s, Umberto Gonzalez, may have told us when we will first see Finn Jones play Iron Fist. In the episode they talk about the casting and discuss the comic friendship between Luke Cage and Danny Rand. Jon Schnepp talks about his speculation on whether or not they  will introduce Iron Fist in the Luke Cage Netflix series later this year.

Umberto quickly fires off answering the question saying (19:46 in video),

Yes he is. That’s why it got announced or else it would’ve leaked… They shot him last week.”

Now Umberto Gonzalez has had a pretty good track record for when it comes to dropping scoops, so with him saying we will be seeing Finn Jones as Danny Rand in Luke Cage you can probably go ahead and bet we see him in the show later this year.

It would make a lot of sense to have Danny Rand first appear in Luke Cage to establish his character, given their friendship, just as Marvel did with Cage himself in last years Jessica Jones. After appearing in Luke Cage Finn Jones will star in his own Netflix series as Iron Fist and then go on to do a special called The Defenders where he will appear alongside Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones.

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