Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL Interview

Two of the, arguably, greatest musical composer of our modern age, speak out on the Batman theme, their collaboration, and the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Both Hans and Junkie were interviewed by Collider News, and both had quite a lot of information on what they had to do to complete their phenomenal BvS soundtrack.

Hans explained how the collaboration arose. Explaining that he felt too attached to the Nolan trilogy and couldn’t let go. So he called his good friend Junkie XL (his real name is Tom Holkenberg) to assist in composing the Batman theme.

“Chris Nolan[‘s] trilogy was three movies, for me it was eleven years of my life.”

Both also expressed how they enjoyed having each other’s input. There was no ‘island’ of ideas they were protecting, instead they focused on having genuine collaboration, protecting Batman and Superman instead of themselves. And their team-up wasn’t just for the Dark Knight’s theme but for different tones in Batman V Superman. Junkie would take care of the action sequences, and Zimmer would focus on emotional moments.

They mentioned how hard score composing was, and is, a very difficult job. Hans expressed how there is a need to create something new and fresh in every movie, and to create an iconic theme for such a beloved character can be daunting at times.

“They used up all the notes!”


The two, however, have sincere love for music-scoring, and that is, in my opinion, what makes a great artist. If you don’t love what you do, your end-result will suffer terribly. But Hans and Junkie have a great chemistry, and great passion, which is why they were approached by Zack Snyder to create the score of BvS. And speaking of Zack, Hans mentioned that the first footage (20 minutes of footage) he had seen was the most comic-book accurate scenes he had ever watched in film.

Holkenberg and Zimmer shared how they created the Wonder Woman ‘motif’. They wanted something powerful, yet dignified, like Diana. They weren’t able to create something on their own, but they brought in an electric cello player for a session and decided to place her short piece in a scene showcasing WW. Suffice to say, it blew the composers, and the studio away. And I can say the same, as Wonder Woman’s theme is one of the best parts of a masterpiece of score.

Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL 2
Zimmer and Junkie in the WB recording studio. Credit: Collider

They were also asked if the two would collab for Justice League. They gave no comment, but mentioned they would be open to anything. The expanded on how they’d rather focus on one film instead of what may be ahead of them.

“You never know…”

We all hope the two consider joining together for Justice League, but until then let’s sit back and enjoy their work in Batman V Superman, and catch up on the review here. Be sure to leave what you think of these two music behemoths in the comment section!