Jena Malone’s ‘Batman v Superman’ Role Revealed? Plus Possible Green Lantern Nod?

Although it has recently been confirmed that Jena Malone’s character in Batman v Superman has been entirely cut from the theatrical cut, she will still be featured in the rated R Ultimate Cut, set to release on Blu-Ray and DVD this summer. And while nothing about her role has been confirmed yet, a Reddit user recently shared a picture of a survey asking what characters one would like to see featured in future trailers. Among those characters was Jena Malones as Barbara Gordon, which is interesting considering that just a few days ago J.K. Simmons was confirmed to be playing Commissioner James Gordon.

There has been fan speculation that this would in fact be Malone’s character, but that speculation also theorized that Mrs. Gordon would later turn into Oracle, an event that has happened in the comics. And while BvS director Zack Snyder (in response to that theory) didn’t rule it off, this now seems to be off the table; surely DC wouldn’t be introducing an important character like that in the director’s cut of the movie only.

Another noteworthy detail is the fact that a few weeks ago, Snyder claimed that Malone would NOT be playing Barbara Gordon (here our article for reference), and he also recently said that the DCEU’s Green Lantern will not be seen until Justice League Part Two. Could Zack Snyder be trying to throw us off by saying Jena isn’t playing Barbara/Batgirl? If he is, it also might be possible that him and WB are trying to convince us that Green Lantern won’t be showing up in the DCEU for awhile. Dan Amboyer has been heavily rumored to be portraying Hal Jordan in this months Batman v Superman, and just yesterday he posted this photo which is clearly a nod to the Emerald Ring-Bearer.

 image  This is quite the interesting move, Mr. Snyder. Could we in fact be seeing Green Lantern earlier than that, even if just in a cameo?

Batman v Superman releases in two weeks, on March 24!