Joe Russo Open To Young Avengers Film

The fan favorite Young Avengers could make the jump to the big screen, if the Russo’s have anything to say about it.

Earlier today BuzzFeed held a Captain America: Civil War themed Q&A for the fans. A user by the name of flumenveritatis asked “Would you be interested in making a Young Avengers movie? Miss America Chavez could probably give some GREAT fight scenes.

Joe Russo’s response seconded the statement as he responded “Damn. That’s actually a really good idea… And you’re right she would kick ass! – JR

The Young Avengers lineup has changed through the years, having many different iterations of the team. The current lineup includes Hulking, Kid-Loki, Noh-Varr, Mrs. America, Kate Bishop, and Wiccan. Being that none of these characters interfere with any studio licenses, there is an opportunity here for the team to hit the big screen somewhere down the line!

Source: Buzzfeed