Justice League Dark, Who’s Who and Who Should Be Cast!

A Justice League Dark movie has been rumored for sometime to hit the big screen but with no current announcements other than rumored casting and no director for the film, we don’t have much information. In 2013 Guillermo del Toro, once named director of the film, said that the upcoming film would feature the characters of John Constantine, Zatana, Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Madame Xanadu. Who are these characters and who should play them in the feature film? Well let me tell you.

The Justice League Dark is a group of magical or mystical humans each with unique types of magic they possess.

John Constantine is a British wise cracker that is a master at deceiving. Constantine is also a magician and one of the smartest and knowledgeable in the magical universe. Constantine is the one that is rumored to bring the team together in the film.

Zatanna was born into the world of magic and trained by her father, Zatara, who was sadly murdered and she met Constantine years later and trained alongside him with magic.

Swamp Thing was something that was once a man named Alec Holland before he was possessed by the earth’s power known as “The Green.” Swamp Thing is easily one of the most powerful DC characters out there with his ability to channel the power of the earth and regrow himself if destroyed or injured.

Madame Xanadu is a fortune-teller that is consistently haunted by the possible futures. She can see all of the possible future from the best possibilities to the worst. In the comics Xanadu is the one that brings the team together.

Deadman was an acrobat, much like the Flying Graysons, that was shot and killed on a high wire during one of his performances. Boston Brand came back from the dead to find his killer and eventually become a supernatural superhero.

Rumored castings started to float around late last year for John Constantine and Swamp Thing. Seeing as I am a big fan of both of the rumored choices I will use both as the fan cast. Other casting rumors were dropped months ago about Zatana possibly being cast as am African-American or Latina character and Deadman is rumored to be cast by a comedic actor.


Colin Farrell as John Constantine. Colin has the look and the swagger to carry around the ego of John Constantine and would fit perfectly for the role.


Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing. Pearlman has the deep groggy and the rough demeanor that Swamp Thing needs to have as a character. Pearlman could play the deep wise nature of Swamp Thing. More like his Hell Boy character but instead less explosive and more concentrated as a mind-set.


Christian Serratos as Zatanna. Christian has mostly served minor role in her projects but with the look and diversity she has I feel she would strongly benefit the team.


James Franco as Deadman. James Franco has been growing better with his comedic chops alongside friend Seth Rogen and we all know Franco can hold his own in a dramatic role. Putting him as Deadman would be a great fit because he could play the funny cockiness of Deadman and turn it around to serious when things get tough.


Penelope Cruz as Madame Xanadu. Cruz has a certain magical look in her eyes and can play the mysterious aspect that Xanadu has to have.

As far as we know Justice League Dark is still in development with no release and no director but the script is done and WB has it. Would you be interested in a Justice League Dark movie? Do you guys like the fan casting? If so be sure to check out our Twitter for Daily Fan Castings! Let us know what you think about the possible Justice League Dark movie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instatgram!