Justice League vs. Avengers!

In the comic world, there has always been, and will always be, an unending battle. The Die-hard Marvel fan base will forever claim superiority over the DC faithful. While the worshipers of the dark and gritty DC will preach over the cheeky and fun Marvel punchlines. On the movie screens, war is waging between Cap and Iron Man in Civil War, and Batman and Superman are about to due the gladiator showdown. With everything happening in Hollywood, it is easy to forget the original main event, the superhero teams from each power house publication, who would win, Marvel’s Avengers, or DC’s Justice League? A few ground rules, The Avengers team will be comprised of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version, to stay recognizable, and reel in the unending roster that has been retooled over and over. The DC team will consist of the original founding seven from the comics, as the cinematic version has yet to grace the big screen.


By: Collin Sapp

The Avenger’s, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. These heroes have prevented the rule of a mad god, hunted down the majority of Hydra, and stopped the extinction of their own race from Ultron. For a decade, these heroes have been taking on the world’s greatest threats and stopping them to save us all. In the words of the great Tony Stark, Avengers, “Let’s do a headcount here.”

Tony Stark/Iron Man: Tony Stark is easily the brains of this team. While his attitude and wit can get him into trouble, his intelligence alone becomes one of the most useful members of the team. Tony also brings some firepower with his Iron Man suit, with the ability to fly and shoot repulsor rays from his hands Tony becomes a high tech, one man army.

Thor: Thor is arguably the strongest member of the team with his mighty hammer Mjolnir. He is the God of Thunder and a master warrior. His expert fighting style brings a barbaric edge to the battlefield.

Hulk: Hulk is the only member of the team to rival Thor in strength. Bruce Banner is a man struggling with a beast in side of him, a beast of destruction. The animalistic rage of the Hulk leaves nothing but a trail of destruction in his wake. He is the unstoppable force, with no immovable object.

Steve Rodgers/Captain America: Steve undoubtedly fills the leadership role of this team. During WW2 Steve Rodgers was given the super solider serum, giving him enhanced strength, speed, and agility. Cap is a strategist and has the ability to execute those strategies perfectly. He is an expert on the battlefield, with a strong heart to keep on fighting.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: She may be underestimated at first but do not let the beautiful Black Widow fool you because she is something to be feared in combat. Natasha is an expert martial artist and assassin. She will take your weakness and expose it.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye: Clint is an expert marksman. While the majority of the Avengers are close range fighters, Clint is more of the long distance fighter. He will take you from afar with his numerous trick arrows and you will never see him coming. Did I mention he never misses?

How can this team of humans take down a group of gods? Just the same way as they have done before with Loki and Ultron; the leadership of Cap, the fighting skills of ALL of the Avengers, Thor’s magic, and the amazing aim of Hawkeye, The Avengers are a force to be reckoned with, even for a team of gods.

Black Widow would have a challenge fighting against Batman but it isn’t a fight she couldn’t handle. Thor could take Aquaman easily. Aquaman’s power comes from the water and Thor could use Aquaman’s power to his advantage, the electricity that comes from Mjolnir could electrocute Aquaman. Captain America would have a lengthy battle with Wonder Woman but he would be able to out last the amazon in a battle. Her sword and shield couldn’t get past his Vibranium shield and he could defeat her with his continuous training and forever evolving fighting techniques. Hulk will do what Hulk does best and that is smash! Hulk will smash all that is in his way and the one he will smash first is Superman. With kryptonite or not Hulk is the strongest there is, even against Superman. Iron Man has the intelligence and the god fearing hatred anger to take on Martian Manhunter. He would tactically figure out the weakness of Manhunter and begin to use fire and any other flammable weapon he has in his holster of the Iron Man suit! Hawkeye would take down the scarlet speedster. Hawkeye has a history with speedsters and knows how they work. Quicksilver gave Hawkeye some trouble a while back. Hawkeye may be human but the speedster wouldn’t stand a chance against the archer that can’t miss. Green Lantern is a great hero but he wouldn’t stand a chance against any of the Avengers. His cockiness would get in the way of any sort of advantage over the Avengers. All of the Avengers could take down any the Justice League. The Avengers will stand triumphant over the Justice League.



By: Mark McKee

For decades, The Trinity has been the center point to the greatest superhero team in existence. With Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman at the helm, the three most iconic and recognizable heroes in comics, it is almost unfair to try and pit any villain or adversary against them. Add in the rest, and it is a lock that there is nothing in this world, or out of this world that they cannot accomplish together. When headed into battle, the original line-up, the seven founders of the JLA were as follows.

Superman: The last son of Krypton. With an alien physiology that drinks up the yellow sun’s radiation and turns it into a veritable arsenal of super powers from strength to heat vision, and flight to freezing breath, Superman is the most powerful hero on both teams.

Batman: Like Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne is the brains behind the team. He has an IQ that rivals most peoples’ credit score, and more degrees and black belts than most people have movies on their shelf. What makes him extraordinary is, he is a man. Just a man among Gods, and he has beaten them all.

Wonder Woman: An Amazonian warrior. She has spent her entire life away from any form of civilization, electing instead to dedicate her life to one purpose, combat. She spends her entire life defending the people of Earth from any threat. With the “beauty of Aphrodite, the wisdom of Athena, the strength of Hercules, and the swiftness of Mercury,” a more formidable foe couldn’t be created in a lab. cough, cough . . .nice try Steve Rogers

Aquaman: The God of the Sea. Three fourths of the world is covered by water, and that is this man’s domain. He rules the lost civilization of Atlantians and protects the entire ocean floor from any threat. While the other heroes combine to protect the one fourth of the Earth that is land, Aquaman triples up on his own, and still has time to come ashore and assist with super strength, a control over water and it’s creatures, and a lifelong knowledge of war tactics, strategy, and hand to hand combat.

Green Lantern: The Emerald Knight. Just as Aquaman serves as the protector of the deep, Hal Jordan serves the Guardians of Oa as a protector of the galaxy. He can create almost anything with the use of nothing more than his will. The ring bestowed upon him attacks in the form of his constructs, and protects him from any counter. He is the strongest of all of the Lanterns, across millions of stars, thousands of galaxies, and too many lanterns to count, only one has been known as the greatest lantern. Hal Jordan.

Flash: The Scarlet Speedster. You can’t beat a guy you can’t catch. Barry Allen was the “victim” of an accident in his lab, that gave him the power to tap into the speed force. He has been known to phase through walls, heal at an incredible rate, and even change time. Also, let’s not forget that he saved the entire population of a city in North Korea from a nuclear weapon, by carrying them out two by two. That means he didn’t outrun a nuke, he literally ran laps around it.

Martian Manhunter: The last of his kind. Just like Superman, he is the last surviving member of his race. His alien physiology allows him to telepathically link to almost anyone, his is able to shape shift into anyone, and almost anything, and he has the gift of flight, and super strength. Imagine, if you will, that Superman was given the ability to read and control minds. What a threat!!

With this line-up, there is hardly a team or villain out there that can compete. If a confrontation ever took place with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, my thoughts are that it would go like this. Superman and Hulk would battle it out in a seemingly unending back and forth. Their strength and stamina matched. Wonder Woman and Thor are both life long warriors with God like strength, speed, wisdom, and power. If those two went at it, it would last for months. Green Lantern would make life tough for Iron Man, with every single attack being guarded by the ring. Captain America would be struggling to hold his own against the super strength telepathic Martian Manhunter. Aquaman and Flash would easily be able to dispatch the human S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Hawkeye and Black Widow. Even looking back on this list, I can concede that each one of these match ups would be close, dangerously close. However, the Justice League has a secret weapon that the Avengers don’t. Batman. The Dark Knight is the man who is so cunning, so paranoid, and so brilliantly strategic, that he ACCIDENTALLY took down the Justice League. He is an expert at finding weaknesses. He would instruct Superman to get Hulk off the planet, strand him on the moon, he would separate Thor from his hammer, Rogers from his shield. He would hit Iron Man with an EMP. He always finds a way, and at the end of the day, when all the Gods and heroes lay at the feet of the victor, it will be an ordinary man they stare back at.

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