Margot Robbie Talks Harley Quinn and Suicide Squad Excitement

Many fans are excited for Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ Suicide Squad, but Margot Robbie claims to take the cake for highest level of excitement. In a recent interview with HelloGiggles the Harley Quinn actress had this to say about her anticipation for Suicide Squad:

“I think I’m more excited than anyone about this movie. When people are like, ‘I can’t wait to see it.’ I’m like, ‘You’ve got no idea, I want to see it more than you do!’ I think it’s going to be so cool.”

Robbie portrays the Joker’s crazed love interest said she signed on to Suicide Squad before there was even a cast or script, and that she’d only needed to hear that director David Ayer would be involved. Robbie went on to talk about her interest in bringing Harley to life on the big screen:

I just love that there’s a chick character who’s that badass, and who’s actually, like funnier and crazier and stronger than some of the males. I think that rarely happens.”

Harley Quinn has cycled among many different looks and costumes over her lifetime and throughout the comic books, animated series, and video games. And Robbie says they tried all of them and more in order to achieve her characters look for the film.

I cannot emphasize enough how many outfits, and how many variations of the Harley Quinn costume we tried,” she continued. “We tried the court jester costume, we tried the corset and skirt, we tried leather pants, we tried literally every type of costume possible for her. I really love where we ended up. And who knows, maybe in the sequels we’ll go with the court jester one. I think there’s a world of possibilities.”

Suicide Squad sees a secret government agency assemble a task force of super villains for a suicide mission. Margot Robbie joins a cast that includes Will Smith (Deadshot), Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang), Jared Leto (Joker), Viola Davis (Amanda Waller), and Cara Delevigne (Enchantress). Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th(US).

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Source: Entertainment Weekly