Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Bouncing Back” Review

Last night Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had an epic midseason premiere throwing us right into the world of Inhumans.

Yoyo Rodriguez, Slingshot, was introduced to us last night with the motive of stealing weapons from the police of Bogata and using them for terrorist purposes. Yoyo is able to run at superhuman speed to any distance she can within one heartbeat but by the end of the heartbeat she is taken back to where she started.

Coulson and the team have been tasked with going down to Bogata to stop an invisible thief. When the team gets down to Bogata Mac is kidnapped and taken hostage by the thief to find out that it is Yoyo Rodriguez.

Yoyo’s true intentions don’t take too long to come to the forefront and the team begins to help her destroy the guns the corrupt cops have obtained, after Yoyo’s brother is killed.

Yoyo’s speed becomes an instant advantage in combat with the cops. She is able to move quickly enough to disarm the =m while Daisy is able to subdue them. After their mission in making the city a safer place the team has earned itself a new member but they leave her at her home. Spreading the team out across the globe and then even letting another teammate, Joey, go home.

We saw minor things with Gideon Malik and what use to be Ward but is now Hive. The only thing I would’ve asked for was a little bit more of Hive. He’s getting stronger but the whole episode he was watching TV and eating raw meat.

Overall the episode was a decent episode and a good way to kick off the midseason. The show has more episodes to come and even more Inhumans to join the team.

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