‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ Season 2 SPOILER Review!


On March 18th, the world was taken back to the dangerous world of Hell’s Kitchen. The crime hasn’t stopped since we last saw, but there isn’t much anymore. Or so we thought. Gangs, mobs, and ninjas all waiting to take back power once previously owned by each group. Matt Murdock has been living his life as a defense attorney and a vigilante at night. The “Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’ has helped clean up the streets after the incident with Wilson Fisk. Daredevil ended one evil but he may have created another in the process.

Frank Castle, an ex Marine, has come back to his home in New York and he has brought something with him. Punishment. Punishment for all that is guilty and anyone who has brought harm to anyone ever. He won’t stop at anything until all the scum on the earth are dead. Meeting Castle is like a scene from a horror movie. We know it’s him that kills a pub full of Irish thugs, we know that the monster is just behind the door but we don’t yet seem him. He doesn’t hide for long and he doesn’t take breaks. A man survives the Irish pub massacre that Castle causes, and Castle finds him pretty damn quickly. The man is staying in a hospital and Castle walks in with his gun, storming down the hall like a man possessed. A man who is on a mission and that won’t stop at anything till the mission is done. More and more of these killing sprees take place all by the hand of Frank Castle that is quickly published in the media as The Punisher.

Matt learns quickly of “The Punisher” and the man who the media makes him out to be. Even if what the media has made him isn’t true, he is still killing people. Matt has to track him down before he kills again. Matt finds the Punisher on the roof of a building about to take out one of his “victims” The two fight for a little bit but the fight is more of a challenge for Matt than he would’ve thought. Daredevil has the upper hand and gets Castle to the ground but Castle pulls a gun he was hiding on his leg. Then with one word he shoots down Daredevil with one shot to the face. “Bang.”

Murdock survives but only because of his friend and law partner, Foggy Nelson. Foggy knows Matt is Daredevil and makes his objections against the vigilante justice known very often. Foggy doesn’t want to lose his friend one night while he is out protecting a city that doesn’t need a vigilante to save it. Foggy wants his friend and his law partner to be alive for a very long time. Is that too much to ask?

Karen is still working at the Nelson & Murdock as a secretary and kind of detective in her own right. Karen unravels things about The Punisher and takes things to almost an obsessive level. Why is she doing it though? Is it because she wants to help out her friends and help with a case or is she just trying to watch her own back?

Karen and Matt begin to flirt in the office and it eventually grows to more when they start to date.

Matt continues to hunt The Punisher even after his almost fatal encounter the last time. This time when he finds Punisher it doesn’t end much better than the last time. Instead of Foggy taking the body and letting Matt heal at home, The Punisher takes Daredevil instead. Matt wakes up tied by chains to chimney on a rooftop. The Punisher sits there in front of him waiting for him to wake up.  We learn and hear about what way is the only way for Frank Castle and that is to kill the enemy. You can’t just send them to jail. You send the =m off then they come right back a month, week, or even day later! Punisher makes his point really clear saying, “You hit em and they get back up, I hit em and they stay down!” Is that the wrong way? Is he wrong for thinking that way?

Matt’s problems don’t stop at The Punisher and with his friends. In the midst of all the chaos, something else is happening in the shadows. The Hand, a group of trained assassins, have been growing while Daredevil has kept himself busy with Punisher. The Hand, hiding in the shadows, growing more powerful than ever, and waging a war against another group of assassins, The Chased. The Chased are led by, the man who taught Matt everything he knows about fighting, Stick and among the followers of this group is an ex of Matt, Elektra.

Elektra was brought up at a young age by Stick and trained to be a fearless killer. Elektra is dangerous not only because of her deathly fighting skills, but because of her personality. She comes across as a person that is looking for a dangerous type of fun and when she is around she has an ability to manipulate Matt into doing things  that he doesn’t necessarily want to do but needs to. Elektra and Matt end up working together to stop the waging war between the Hand and the Chased. For days they are able to uncover mysteries about the Hand but none of the evidence makes sense. It is obvious the Hand is preparing about the war but what we don’t understand is something even I, someone who has finished the season, is having a hard time grasping. A man named Nobu, a member of the Hand, was burned alive in season 1. We and Matt saw it with our own eyes, yet somehow this man is still alive. How is that possible?

The Hand’s war is continuing to take place and Matt is slowly dealing with the problem but the Punisher is still causing havoc. Frank Castle is taken by another part of the Irish gang he killed earlier in the season. He is taken and brutally beaten by the leader of the group, tortured for hours. Daredevil finds the place where Frank is being held hostage. Daredevil rescues Frank and we learn even more about our anti-hero. We knew Punisher was an ex Marine and like a lot of military men, he left his family to go to war. When he got to war nothing bad every happened to Frank Castle. The war over seas didn’t affect Castle, it’s when he got back home things changed. The Frank’s family was killed, gunned down right in front of him in central park. Frank himself was even shot in the head, he died! But Frank had unfinished business with the people who killed his family. Frank came back from the dead with a vengeance. Kill the people who killed his family and kill any of the other scum that are capable of doing the same thing to someone else.

The same night Daredevil saves The Punisher, Punisher is arrested. Taken to affair trial that he loses by his own doing by first pleading not guilt to the multiple counts of murder he has committed and then by yelling at the jury that he is guilty. Frank is sent to prison but he isn’t there long.

The imprisonment brings more than just the loss of a case for Nelson & Murdock, It brings the end. The firm doesn’t last much longer because of the absence of Matt for the hearings and the lack of participation in a case that he fought hard to get. Foggy leaves the firm and relocates to another firm that we have seen once before in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Karen leaves the firm and Matt to go and investigate further into the Punisher case.

At the end of season 1 Wilson Fisk was arrested and taken to prison. Now some time has passed and Fisk has done what he does best and become a Kingpin. He has a small group of other prisoners working with him on the inside. They figure out what is happening on the inside of the prison and learn who is who. Fisk has a challenge in the jail and he knows from some sources on the outside that he has more challenges outside of the prison. So when Punisher is sent to the same prison Wisk takes advantage of it. He is able to break the Punisher out of prison but at the dame time he  forces Frank to leave atrial of dead bodies on his wait out. Fisk uses him to kill his inside enemies and releases him out into the world so Punisher can take care of the enemies on the outside too.

The short time frank is in prison, the Hand is becoming more aggressive and Matt is becoming agitated with the lack of progress being made to stop them. Elektra and Stick begin to have a growing feud with one another when Stick tries to have Elektra killed for unknown reasons. Elektra begins to hunt Stick and Matt tries to find him first but neither get the goal they want. The Hand captures Stick and tortures him. Matt makes it top priority to find Stick and to convince Elektra not to kill him but things become increasingly more difficult.

Daredevil makes it to Stick in time but before they can escape Elektra shows up ready to kill Stick. Daredevil tries to persuade Elektra to spare Stick because no matter all the evil he may have done to them but he has done great things for them to, such as giving them a life. It becomes even more difficult for Matt when back up for the Hand shows up and reveals something that no one saw coming. Elektra is the Black Sky. The Black Sky is the figure that the Hand worships and serves. Elektra not even knowing herself that she was this figure is devastated and obviously tempted to kill Stick who is now an enemy with even more reason to die. Matt is somehow able to convince Elektra that she is good and doesn’t have to become something she isn’t just because some story says she should.

Elektra, Matt, and Stick all escape Nobu and his assassins and head back to Matt’s apartment for a battle soon to come.

The Punisher is meantime uncovering details about the man who killed his family, the Blacksmith. He is never able to find the Blacksmith or at least the identity wasn’t revealed but I have a feeling we will see more of the Blacksmith whether in Daredevil Season 3 or a Punisher series.

Daredevil and Elektra make their way to Melvin Potter and his workshop. Matt wants Elektra to have a suit that can protect her just as much as his suit protects him. Potter crafts a  suit for Elektra but he also has a gift for Daredevil, his Billy Club.

Elektra and Daredevil find the Hand hideout quickly and take the battle to them. They fight their way through an army of the Hand and to the rooftop where Nobu waits for the final battle. Matt and Elektra wait just inside the door that opens to the rooftop. Matt tells her he can’t live just one of the many lives he leads. He can not be the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen and Elektra is the only one that seem to understand that. He wants to get away where they can both be together and be themselves.

They bust onto the roof top ready to fight and sadly for them so is Nobu. Nobu puts up one hell of a fight against Daredevil and Elektra but the two begin to win the fight. Taking down a member of the Hand slowly but they are doing it. Until Nobu takes matters into his own hands and begins to fight himself. He knocks Elektra aside and goes to deliver a death-blow to Daredevil but Elektra runs in front of Daredevil and takes the blow straight to her chest. She dies right there in Matt’s arms. Now Nobu has to die and he has to stay dead. Daredevil goes into a fit of rage and begins to fight of more of the Hand making his way to Nobu. The bodies begin to drop in front of him before he can reach them and he turns to see Frank Castle in the Punisher suit sniping down members of the Hand. Daredevil gets to Nobu and strikes him down quickly and throws him off the side of the building.

Punisher walks away from the fight leaving the scene and no doubt going to hunt down the Blacksmith. Foggy and Karen have both found new jobs outside of Nelson & Murdock. Matt doesn’t have a job and no one around in the end aside from Stick.The last we see is a small fraction of the Hand that is left and they have a tomb. Inside is Elektra’s body wrapped in red silk and they close her in.

And that is the end of Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2.

The overall season was pure entertainment and if you are reading this you probably enjoyed it just as much as I did seeing as the 13 episode season dropped on Netflix only 2 days ago. Without a doubt the highlight of this season was Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. Jon’s portrayal of the character was absolutely amazing and jaw dropping the way he demands his presence on-screen. He is so unpredictable with his actions he makes every scene so intense because you don’t know what he will do.

All of the characters have a great story arc throughout the season and all of the characters aren’t who they are when the season first stared. Punisher is the only one that seems to still be the same. His motives never really change but instead the other characters just understand more of what he is doing. Elektra starts off as a rich ninja girl looking for fun in the most dangerous places but by the end she wants to change who she is but sadly for her it won’t happen (at least so we think). Karen isn’t a secretary instead she finds what seems to be her calling as a reporter for The Bulletin. Foggy goes to work at another law firm that hints at the connection between Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Matt is now alone. He has lost the love of his life, Elektra, and lost the girl he thought he could love if his life was a normal one and most importantly he lost his best friend. A lot happens to these characters but they do it in such a way that it seems so smooth and easy to follow through the season.

I give this season of Daredevil a 10/10. I loved it all the way through and it kept me on the edge of my seat. We met old foes and formed new characters that we are sure to see more of whether it’s in their own series or in the next season.

Now until next season of Daredevil let’s go enjoy Marvel’s Luke Cage and all the upcoming comic book movies!

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