‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’ Teaser Released!

At the end of this Daredevil you may find a nice little surprise. Seeing as the second season dropped today majority of the viewers may have not had the chance to see the short clip but it revolves around our friend Luke Cage.

With no attachment to the story of Daredevil this nice little teaser shows Luke stroll into a boxing gym and is met by some armed thugs. Luke says, “I guess you guys haven’t heard about me.” The thugs fire off their guns as quickly s they can but the bullets bounce of Cage and his unbreakable skin. The thugs run out of ammo in seconds and Luke stands there with bullet holes all in his clothes. He looks at his shirt then back to the thugs saying, “I’m about sick of always having to buy new clothes.” We see one of the thugs thrown through a window and the clip ends with the logo of Luke Cage coming to the screen.

You can find the clip here.

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