New ‘Civil War’ Trailer Analysis

If you have not seen the The new Captain America: Civil War trailer click here: Civil War Trailer


The new Captain America: Civil War trailer was just released and it was awesome. First let me start of this analysis by talking about Bucky, Bucky seem’s to have a very big role in this film being in just about every trailer. But in this brand new trailer we get to see him all suited up and fighting alongside his best friend captain america. Also we get to see Bucky show his emotions again after being brain washed, allowing him to chose to fight against team IronMan.


Now onto Ant-Man, in this trailer we get to see some pretty awesome clips of him. One being him jumping off of Hawkeyes arrow and going through IronMan’s hand. I personally believe Ant-Man had a really cool part in this trailer showing off that size does not matter!


Next we get to see IronMan’s awesome Bleeding Edge Armor. This is one of my favorite IronMan armors and I am very glad we get to see it in action. In this scene you get to see Tony Stark using the Bleeding Edge Armor  from what seems to be a watch of some sorts and the armor only going around his hand so he can block a bullet that Bucky has shot at him. I think this is very cool how they showcase just how high-tech the Bleeding Edge Armor actually is.


Another thing in this trailer that we get to see is what actually happens to WarMachine. If you have seen previous trailers then you have probably seen that there was a scene where Tony is holding an unconscious WarMachine with his arc reactor destroyed. But now in this trailer we finally get a scene of Bucky firing a gun that delivers a big blast at WarMachine’s arc reactor in the air, then WarMachine comes plummeting down while Tony tries to save him. The only thing is the last scene we get to see from that part is WarMachine with his eyes closed and Tony just holding him. So we don’t exactly know yet what WarMachine’s fate will be.


Now lets take a look at our favorite king Black Panther. In the last couple of trailers we has seen just little bits and clips of Black Panther. But now we get to actually see him in action. The only person actually fights with in this trailer is Bucky. Also I want to talk about Black Panther’s suit, His suit in my opinion looks amazing. Not only does it look cool but as we now his suit is made of vibranium which is the same material that Captain America’s shield is made out of, There is a shot of Black Panther getting shot at by a helicopter and he just stands there with bullets bouncing off of him.


Now onto the most anticipated part in this trailer…..Spiderman. Yes everyone it is official we have just seen our first look at the one the only Spiderman! In this part of the trailer we se a web come out of nowhere and take Captain America’s shield right out of his hands, and then you see your friendly neighborhood Spiderman standing on a truck saying “Hey everyone”. Also we get our first look at the new suit which i believe they did a great job on.


What do you guys think of Spiderman’s and his new suit, also how do you think Tom Holland will do as our favorite wall crawler? comment below