Opinion: Be A Good Fan, Don’t Spoil ‘BvS’

Fellow fans, this is an open letter from me, a passionate DC fan, to the comic community. The reason I am writing this is to inform you all on how to be a good fanboy. Don’t. Spoil. Movies.

Earlier today pictures from Batman V Superman were leaked all over the intraweb. On Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit (may God be with you Reddit Moderators). There were over four pictures, two of which could be considered very large spoilers. Don’t worry, I won’t say what they are. I will, however, tell you to be a good fan and not spoil it for anyone else. It’s a common courtesy, a sign of respect, not only to us fans, but to Warner Brothers. Let me explain.

When you comment  “____ is dead!” on @Superherofeed, or any other social page, thousands upon thousands of fans will see your comment, and the movie (in this case TFA) is spoiled. And you can’t take that back! Once someone reads a spoiler you can’t delete it form their mind. I can’t forget the leaked pictures of Batman V Superman, and I feel it will genuinely hurt my enjoyment for the film. So, in short, being a jerk and spoiling a movie (without no one asking you to) is a pretty asinine move. Just don’t. If you want to read spoilers go to a spoiler forum (for DC fans, click here, Star Wars fans click here, Marvel fans here) but don’t blurt it out online.

The second point is that posting spoilers all over media will hurt the studio. I know it seems whacked out, but it does. Just like my enthusiasm for BvS has been cut short ever so slightly, that spoiler I saw could be the reason someone goes to watch BvS or stay home, waiting for it to come out on home video. This is also gives haters a reason to ‘boycott’ the movie (pshhhh, like they’ll boycott Batman V Superman).

So be a good little fanboy, enjoy the movie when it comes out, don’t spoil it to innocent fans, and stay classy San Diego!