Potential ‘Captain Britain’ TV Poster Surfaces; Is It Happening?

Marvel these days appears to be juggling a massive number of their properties, deciding what they want to do with them. Although many are rumored to appear on the big screen, ever since the back-to-back succes of the Daredevil series and Jessica Jones season, that list has transitioned to television as well.

Among the several characters that are supposedly lined up to get a TV show, whether it be a Netflix Original or cable program, are Moon Knight, Punisher, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man 2099, Hawkeye, and many more.

Recently poster designer for Marvel Studios, Ciara McAvoy took to Twitter revealing some poster concepts she has whipped up for a potential Captain Britain series. While the image is very well done, and both practical for television and the Marvel Universe, we can’t say with certainty that the show is even happening, or that it as an official concept.

With the large number of rumored programs being developed at Marvel, it is likely a show is in talks, or even early stages of development. Whether or not the project makes it to the small screen is another question altogether. 

When pushed for more details regarding her Tweet, McAvoy stated the following, further explaining the state of the show,

“I am being paid to do the promo poster so yes I’d say this is really happening. I can’t reveal anything yet but hopefully I’ll be able to soon. Waiting for the go ahead from the co-producer. It is his own don’t worry. I’m painting The Lady Of The Lake until they have an actor confirmed for Captain Britain. It might take a while before the announcement (either early 2017 or late 2016) They’re making a sizzle reel and it’s gonna be awesome.”

Would you watch a Captain Britain show? Who would you put in the role? Take a look for yourself at the image below, and comment your thoughts in the designated section!