Team Iron Man Explains Why They Are Right In ‘Civil War’

Just under two months to go until it hits theaters, Captain America: Civil War is really stepping up  their game with new promo materials, details regarding scenes, and the plot itself.

A big point of this film that studio has decided to center a lot of promo stuff around, is who’s side not only the characters rest with, but the fans too. As we continue to count down the days until it releases, we continue to ask ourselves this question. Who’s side are you on? Here to tell us why we should be siding with Team Stark is Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Junior.

“People are much less capable of processing things than they think and we’re kind of simple and dumb. And for a guy who is fast, he’s definitely on the verge of practically getting over himself. I almost feel like sometimes he’s some (old man) who goes back to the neighborhood and goes, ‘Kids, it doesn’t have to be like this.’”

Then good friend and ally of Tony Stark, War Machine, steps in and offers,

“Obviously, I can’t do anything that violates my oath but at the same time we’re dealing with things that haven’t ever been in the playbook.”

And finally, Paul Bettany who plays The Vision weighs in with,

“The stronger you are, the more you invite challenge. Something has to rise to fill the vacuum.”

After these points from members of Team Iron Man, where do you sit on the debate? You still have two more months to decide if you are on the fence.

Stunning Team Cap posters for 'Captain America: Civil War' released!

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Source: Heroic Hollywood