Rumored Star Wars Titles & Set Photos Found Online

As production on Star Wars Ep. 7 has officially begun in Dubrovnik, a few rumored titles have now begun hitting across the Internet. Though there is no official confirmation to any of them, it’s fun to speculate.

The first title comes from some reported promotional material for the upcoming film on Reddit which is also apparently being prepared for a May 4th (Star Wars day) reveal… The reported title is Star Wars: Tale Of The Jedi Temple. The second one, comes from a Croatian Star Wars news site… The second title is Star Wars: The Order Of The Dark Side.

Now both of these titles both make perfect sense from a story point of view but should be taken with a grain of salt until we get an official confirmation.

Also hitting the Internet this week are some revealing set pictures… One of which is the image of the famous landspeeder, making its return. The photos can all be seen below.

Star Wars: Episode 7 is currently in production and is set to hit theaters in December 2017.

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