Shang-Chi Reportedly Being Cast For Netflix

As Iron Fist news is finally starting to roll out with the official casting of Finn Jones as Danny Rand himself, we have more rumors regarding potential co-starring characters. The most recent bit from the project being that Shang-Chi is being cast right now with Marvel.

The news comes from That Hashtag Show, currently on a roll with breaking news and scoops. The show was the original outlet that revealed Finn had been cast, which is now official, so there is probably some validity to the reports.

It is worth noting that the site claims a solo series starring Shang-Chi is on its way. While it isn’t impossible, it is incredibly unlikely. Marvel has shot down all recent spinoff rumors, so odds are this isn’t true as well.

In comics, the character is a master martial artist, arguably the greatest in Marvel. Netflix has been using a lot of well choreographed fight scenes in their Marvel properties, so this is sure to make way for more amazing action.

What are your thoughts? Who would you cast as Shang-Chi in the Marvel/Netflix universe? Comment below!

Source: THS