Speculation On The DCEU’s ‘The Flash’

The time gap between us and the upcoming Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice gets smaller in smaller every day. With the approaching DCEU film, Comic Drops has given you some insight into the comic book history of the characters making their way to the big screen. We have covered Aquaman and the Green Lantern Corps but this time we bring you an article about another hero set to make a quick appearance in the film and that hero is The Flash.

The Flash is a hero part of the DC Universe with many identities. For this article we will focus on the version the cinematic universe will use and that’s Barry Allen. Barry Allen is a hero with a tragic story. As a child Barry’s mother was murdered and his father was accused of the murder. He was raised by Captain Frye of the Central City police department. With a cop as a parent and a horrible accident happening to his mom, wrongly accusing his father, Barry purses the career of a forensic scientist. Years and years he spends as a child learning everything he can to become an expert at forensic science and eventually becomes a CSI with his adopted father at the Central City Police Department.

Every night Barry would stay after his work hours to review the case about his mother. Looking, searching for the man that murdered his mother, but one night the impossible happened. Barry is struck by a bolt of lighting and thrown backwards and onto a shelf of chemicals that fall all over him and he becomes The Flash! Barry uses this new ability of super speed to race through the streets of Central City and protect others from the same fate he had as a child and at the same time racing faster and faster to solve the murder of his mother and free his dad.

Barry Allen eventually finds love with a young crime reporter, Iris West. But as a superhero being in live isn’t easy. Barry has to keep his identity a secret to protect the ones he loves. Years after being together Barry tells Iris who he is and that does have consequences but it doesn’t stop them from being in love and eventually getting married and having children.

That is Barry Allen from the comics and now to share all that we know about The Flash coming to the big screen. The Flash/Barry Allen will be played by the incredibly talented Ezra Miller. Barry Allen has been speculated to be a gay character in the DCEU and that can be a good and bad thing. To hardcore comic fans they may want the character to be with Iris West or even Patty Spivot if they decide to go with a New 52 style of the character. It can be good because it can add even more diversity to the DCEU. The character’s love interest doesn’t effect his story it’s just who he loves so I personally will be okay with whichever they decide to do

Barry will make his first appearance as a cameo in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and according to none other than Miller himself Flash has a suit with a more post-apocalyptic style suit. The suit was recently scene in a set picture with director of Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and Justice League Part One, Zack Snyder and Jason Momoa, Aquaman.

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