“War Machine”: Hurt or Dead?


Could this be the last movie we see “War Machine” in? Speculation on that is pretty high considering he was included in both trailer 1 and 2, released earlier this year. In the first trailer released, we see Tony Stark taking off War Machine’s mask to find him unconscious with his arc reactor torn out. Tony looks on ominously and the next scene quickly comes up. In trailer 2, we see the scene leading up to that part where both Iron Man and War Machine are in the sky until some form of weapon knocks Rhodey out of the sky. Don Cheadle had this to say about the speculation:


I’m on Twitter, so I’ve gotten a few people going, ‘Rhodey better not be dead, son. I’m going to be so mad.’ Or ‘I’m done with this thing if Rhodey’s dead.’ But that’s cool, I like that people get so upset about it. I like that in a Marvel movie people are able to evoke such emotion.


Is this Don Cheadle confirming the speculation? While not confirming the death, he definitely didn’t deny it. Then again, actors who work with Marvel have to agree to a no leak clause that forbids them to spoil even the tiniest detail from the movie itself. It’s hard to believe that War Machine’s become such a beloved character after Terrence Howard’s sudden recasting in ‘Iron Man 2’. While it came as a surprise to all of us at the time, I think fans would agree that it’s worked out for the best. It’s pretty clear that his role in this movie is bigger than movies prior and time will only tell if we’ll see ‘War Machine’ suiting up against Thanos in “Infinity War”, set to be released in 2018 and 2019. But for now..

We’re just gonna have to enjoy every moment.


‘Captain America: Civil War’ is set to be released May 6th.