Warner Bros Rumored To Be Targeting 2017 For ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Production

With Suicide Squad still months away from its August 5th, 2016 release date, rumored plans of a sequel have already begun popping up across the web. According to Variety, Suicide Squad director David Ayer and Floyd Lawton/Deadshot actor Will Smith are teaming up once again for afilm called Bright, which will either land at Warner Bros or Sony. The reported plan is to fast track the new movie, in order to bring back Ayer and Smith to hopefully start production on a Suicide Squad sequel sometime in 2017.

If these rumors are true, not only does this confirm that Will Smith and David Ayer will be reutrning for Suicide Sqaud 2, but that WB has a tremendous amount of faith in their highly anticipated upcoming supervillain team up flick.

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