Who is “The Man Without Fear?”

Matt Murdock grew up in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York in a childhood that can only be described as, tumultuous. He lived with his father, Jack, who made a living as a boxer. He pushed his son to train his mind instead of his body, instilling the desire to become more than just a fighter. After each fight, Jack came home to Matt, who stitched him up, at which time, Jack let his son have a drink of scotch to have a steady hand.

At the age of nine, Matt saved an elderly man from being hit by a Rand Oil & Chemical truck that was out of control. In the ensuing accident, chemicals were splashed into Matt’s eyes. The last thing he saw before the searing pain began, was his father attempting to comfort him. Matt awoke in the hospital unable to see. He would spend the rest of his life blind, but the chemicals also increased the effectiveness of the rest of his senses.

His father continued to encourage him to better himself, and Matt learned braille and the ability to control his senses. His father, inspired by his son’s strength, pushed himself harder in the ring. One day, Matt was reading in his father’s gym when he overheard him get offered money to throw his next fight with a fighter named Carl Creel. Jack refused, overcoming the odds and winning the fight. Because he cost the mafia money, they paid him a visit. Matt found his father murdered soon after, and dedicated his life to justice.

Matt was placed in Saint Agnes Orphanage, where he caught the attention of Stick, and blind man who began to train him to control his new powers, which he called a gift. He taught him how to use them and put them to work for him, instead of being controlled by them. He trained him physically, to be able to defend himself and others when the need arose. When Matt attempted to show gratitude for his help, Stick disappeared, not seeing Matt for many years.

Matt attended Law School at Columbia University with his roommate Foggy Nelson, who he developed a deep relationship with and vowed to work with for many years. Foggy would joke with him about his disability, bringing a lighter side to Matt’s life, while Matt would joke with him about shady life choices, like taking pointless classes for a girl. After school, Murdock and Nelson would turn down a corporate law job with a soulless firm to start their own law firm, defending innocents that have had their lives destroyed by large corporations, often times taking food, or services for payment instead of money.

After the sun goes down, when the law is not enough, Matt Murdock dons a mask and goes to the extreme to defend the innocent as “The Man Without Fear,” “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen,” known to the Marvel world, as Daredevil. As Daredevil, he has faced some of Marvel’s deadliest villains such as Wilson Fisk, AKA Kingpin, Bulls-eye, and has even crossed paths with Frank Castle, AKA The Punisher. He has been part of teams such as The Chaste, The New Avengers, and The Defenders.

Hell’s Kitchen is a melting pot of heroes and villains, most of which are on their own side of the law, while Matt Murdock protects the law by day as the blind lawyer in Hell’s Kitchen, he enforces it at night as Daredevil.

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