Zack Snyder On How Batman Perceives Superman In ‘Dawn Of Justice’

In the upcoming film Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice we have two of our favorite heroes battling against each other. One being superman (Henry Cavill) and the other being batman (Ben Affleck). But one thing we have not seen yet is how Ben Affleck is going to portray his batman.

Now a lot of you are probably wondering, why does batman seem to be so mad at superman? Well you can probably see by watching all of the trailers. It’s that Bruce Wayne has gone through a lot loosing people including employees in Metropolis, and now see’s Superman as a huge threat to the world. Here is what Zack Snyder had to say about it,

“It’s interesting to see how Batman perceives Superman, because he doesn’t know who Superman is,” Dawn of Justice director, Zack Snyder explains. “All he knows is the public face of Superman. And if you have an idea about someone or if you start to doubt someone’s intentions, you can always read in the media, you can always see the face you want to see, based on how it’s reported. Batman’s seen the destruction of Metropolis. That’s the thing he knows for a fact. So if thousands die, is that okay? What next? Millions? Is everyone okay with that? Because I’m not. That’s Batman’s point of view.”

I can’t wait to see how Ben Affleck will portray his batman and how he will act when with Superman. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is set to release March 25 2016

Source: Comic Book