Zack Snyder’s Interview On ‘Batman V Superman’

In a recent interview with the LA Times, Zack Snyder and his two lead actors, Henry Cavill & Ben Affleck, spoke about the highly anticipated comic book film: Batman V Superman. The director had lots to say about his film and the critical response towards his previous movies.

The 50 year old filmmaker explained his thoughts on the rumor mill and fan theories about BVS. He explained that they were bittersweet, in a way; they bring good publicity but also irritates him as he never experienced such large amounts of rumors surfacing for one of his films.

“It’s insanity…I tune it out to the extent that, when it’s really dumb, then we go, ‘OK, someone stomp this [rumor] because it’s stupid.’ But mostly I just go, ‘Thank God they’re talking about the movie.'”

He also spoke about including Batman in the DC Cinematic Universe. While he loved the Dark Knight trilogy, he was aware that adding other heroes to that universe would be strange tonally. Snyder explained that when he was making Man of Steel, he wanted the universe to inhabit other superheroes as well, not just Superman.

“I think [Chris] Nolan did an amazing job with those three Batman movies he did, but to me those worlds are very self-contained. If Green Lantern came into the Dark Knight movies, you’d be like, ‘That’s weird.'”

Zack touched on the physical fight between the iconic heavyweight heroes. Mentioning that the fight works organically, and includes subtle homages to comics (ie…Dark Knight Returns). He also revealed that Superman faces a moral dilemma when loved ones are threatened. Is this a hint to Lex Luthor’s master plan?

“He [Superman] loves just as hard and has as much as stake in relationships as anyone, and you don’t know where he’s going to go when you put pressure on him and threaten his loved ones.”

The last topic Snyder discussed was Watchmen’s critical response. Despite my personal feelings to the film (I think it is a phenomenal masterpiece of cinema) many critics felt it was too philosophical for mainstream audiences. But legendary director Christopher Nolan gave Zack a much better explanation as to why it was such a polarizing film:

“Watchmen is a movie you made too early. Because the movie was written deep into comic-book culture, as a way of exploring the why of heroes withing pop-culture.”

Despite Deadpool’s success and paradisaical of superheroes now (ie…’Superhero Landing!’), mainstream society wasn’t ready for Watchmen’s deep ethical and moral questioning.

What do you take away from Zack Snyder’s interview? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!