AMC’s The Walking Dead Reportedly Casting For ‘Ezekiel’ Type Role

Now that the ball is rolling and AMC’s The Walking Dead 7th season is officially in production, the casting process is beginning to take place. AMC is now casting for a role that sounds suspiciously like Ezekiel, longtime fan-favorite from the comics.

According to TVLine, the network is looking for an African American in his forties who can be described as “flamboyant and wise, nice and weird.

They’re calling the character Augustus, but there description does match up with that of Ezekiel’s almost perfectly. For those of you who don’t know, Ezekiel is a character from the comic book counterpart of the show. He is the leader of “The Kingdom“. He has a pet tiger named Shiva, and even went on to form a relationship with Michonne.




Ezekiel and Shiva have actually been teased by producers in the past, and The Walking Dead has a history of using fake names in casting calls to cover up who that character really is.

Speaking to a source involved with The Walking Dead recently,’s Brandon Davis was told that the showrunners are “trying” to bring Shiva (Ezekiel’s famous pet) to the show. He believes all signs are pointing to a tiger roaring its way into the trailer which will be released at the San Diego Comic Con panel for The Walking Dead in July.

So what do you think? Who would you like to see take up the role of the leader of The Kingdom? Personally, I want to see Dave Fennoy take it up. He looks almost identical to the comic book counterpart, and has a strong voice that would fit in perfectly with the tone of the show. He even voiced Lee Everett in TellTale’s episodic video game The Walking Dead to give him familiarity with the universe that Robert Kirkman created.

AMC’s The Walking Dead is currently on hiatus to film it’s 7th season and is set to return in October.

Source: TVLine