Avengers: Infinity War Will Show Multiple Perspectives

In 2018, the MCU will turn 10 years old, and with that anniversary comes the grand finale we’ve all been waiting for and working towards: Avengers: Infinity War. Nothing in the MCU will be the same after this film and, as it’s going to feature pretty much every super hero we’ll have seen up until that point, there’s no arguing that it will be the biggest super hero movie ever. Heck, one of the biggest movies ever in general.

Over the weekend, Comicbook.com got the chance to talk to the Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo.

“Oh, yeah! I mean, it has to,” Anthony Russo says when asked if Infinity War will be bigger than Civil War. “It’s a culmination of everything that’s occurred in the Marvel Universe up to the point where the Marvel Universe is released. Some of those films haven’t even hit yet. We’re going to be dealing with some of the characters from those movies who are going to be in Infinity War. They’re massive in scope and scale but that’s the point. The point is for them to be as ambitious as they possibly can be. They’re going to be multi-perspective films. They’re not called ‘Captain America: Infinity War,’ they’re called Infinity War. You’re going to be moving around through different perspectives of the characters. It’s like Nashville for super heroes. It’s storytelling that is vignetted storytelling. It’s to composite all of them under one story – everybody. You can culminate without all of them, so…”

This pretty much confirms that not only every major character we’ve seen so far will be featured, but also heroes like Doctor Strange, The Wasp and Captain Marvel, who have yet to be introduced. In total we’ll be seeing 67 characters on the screen – dang, that’s a lot. Will the Russos be able to balance this many, meaning give everyone enough screen time while also sufficiently telling the story they need to tell?

Probably, yes. They’ve proven their skill in that field in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and have had lots of practice in Civil War, which already does feature a considerable amount of characters and perhaps an even more complicated story than Infinity War. Additionally, the Russo brothers revealed the characters they’re most excited to work with for the two-parter, and it’s no one they’ve worked with before: Star-Lord and Thor.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016. Avengers: Infinity War Parts I andII hit theaters May 4, 2018 and May 3, 2019.