‘Batman V Superman’ Helped Marvel Start ‘Captain America: Civil War’

During a recent interview with Captain America: Civil War co-director Joe Russo, several details were revealed in regards to the beginning process of the film. Russo stated that Warner Bros announcing Batman V Superman helped Marvel make the decision to greenlight their own superhero vs. superhero movie. Russo was quoted on the matter of how different this superhero movie is compared to most others, saying:

“Civil War really deconstructs the superhero genre and people seem to be responding to that. It was a very risky movie for us. It has a non-traditional three-act structure for a superhero film.”

However, the risk making a movie in which the heroes fight one another appeared a little less risky after Warner Bros announced they would do the same thing with two of the most popular superheroes ever; Batman and Superman. Russo continued in the interview, elaborating on the process of creating Civil War:

“Our pitch to them was: People will tell you they love chocolate ice cream – until you give it to them five days a week. It’s time to give them some rainbow sherbert. Kevin [Feige] is a maverick and he’s very sensitive to how people are responding to his content. He said he thought we might be right. And after they announced Batman V. Superman, he said, ‘you guys are absolutely right.’ We needed to do something challenging with the material or we were going to lose the audience.”

While it appears the Russo brothers had the idea of making an innovative superhero film in which they heroes are pitted against one another, Marvel may not have agreed to begin making this film without Warner Bros announcing they were to do the same thing. Therefore, Marvel fans have DC to thank for the opportunity to see their favorite Marvel characters fight one another on the big screen.

Captain America will square off against Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War which will premiere in theaters on May 6th.

Source: http://Batmannews.com