‘Batman V Superman’ Ultimate Cut Clocks In At 181 Minutes

Later this year Warner Brothers will be releasing the blu-ray edition of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’. Although no official release date has been announced, some are speculating towards the end of the summer months.

The theatrical version of ‘Batman V Superman’ has a run time of around 151 minutes. According to a listing, the extended version will span 181 minutes long, giving fans an extra half an hour of Gotham’s Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.




Reportedly, the extra half an hour will include more violence and more gore as well and scenes featuring Jenna Malone as Barbara Gordon who’s shots were cut from the theatrical release. One of the complaints that some fans had about the film was the poor story flow, the extra half hour could correct for this if it contains the right material. Another element that fans wanted to see more of was the fight between Batman and Superman, which in the movie roughly lasted between 5 and 10 minutes. A sequence that many fans hoped would have lasted a lot longer. Perhaps some of the extra 30 minutes will include some more action between the two heroes.

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Source: Comic Book