Big Changes in Marvel’s Phase 4?

Marvel’s formula is pretty much known at this point. Add a bunch of superheroes with distinctly relatable lives, give each one a move with nods to one another in Easter Eggs, and at some point have them meet up. Sounds pretty simple but words pale in comparison to the multi-billion dollar industry Marvel has built on since “Iron Man” emerged in 2008. As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Will Marvel stay true to that formula though? For those of you thinking yes as a sure answer might want to reconsider after reading EW’s interview with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige:

“I think you look at comics as a guide,” Feige tells EW. Although certain titles may get relaunched or rebooted, the narrative exists on a never-ending continuum.”

“I think there will be a finality to moments of Phase Three, as well as new beginnings that will mark a different, a very different, a distinctively different chapter in what will someday be a complete first saga made up of three phases,” Feige said.”

Joe Russo also pitched in his thoughts:

“Things always get deconstructed, right?” says Joe Russo. “You build things up and people enjoy the experiences you’ve built up. But then you kind of reach an apex or you reach a climax, a moment where you go, ‘This structure is really going to start to be repetitious if we do this again, so what do we do now?’ So now, you deconstruct it. We’re in the deconstruction phase with Civil War and leading into Infinity War, which are the culmination films.”


What could this mean for the heroes we’ve seen onscreen so far? Could this mean reduced roles for them? Could this mean no roles for them at all? Regardless of what Marvel does, it’s been known to take (very successful) risks so comic book fans should be relieved for years to come. Phase 4 in the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicks off after the conclusion of the mega-event, “Infinity War” starring pretty much everyone in the MCU to come and Josh Brolin as Thanos.