Biggest Secret in ‘Suicide Squad’ is Still a Secret!

Comic book fans have now been exposed to three different trailers for this summer’s Suicide Squad, each having accentuated the various characters as well as some ambiguous action sequences. The footage we’ve received so far has left many pondering the possible plot, however director David Ayer has stated that none of the speculations thus far have been accurate. In an interview with Cinemablend, Ayer had this to say:

“It’s very mysterious. I know everyone is peeking through a keyhole trying to figure out what the movie is about, but nobody’s got it yet – which is a lot of fun! Our surprise remains in tact.”

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A wide array of rumors have surfaced since the first trailer was initially released, ranging from the team having to catch the Joker to breaking him out to set up against Monster T. But with all of them rejected by David Ayer, it leaves us pulling our hair out trying to figure out what the worst heroes ever have in store. A big complaint pertaining to Batman v Superman was that far too much of the movie was revealed in the trailers so perhaps it is good that they are keeping it under wraps is a positive thing.

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What do you guys think? Are you itching to find out exactly what the squad’s mission is? Or are you happy that you don’t know too much about it before its release this August?  Be sure to let us know in the comments as well as on our social media!

Source: CinemaBlend