‘Captain America: Civil War’ Almost Included The Wasp

Earlier today, a press event was held for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, where Marvel head Kevin Feige along with Civil War screenwriters, Christopher Markus and Marcus McFeely spoke about some interesting pieces of the film that were eventually decided against. It was revealed that Paul Rudd’s co-star, Evangeline Lilly, was considered to make an appearance as the Wasp. Feige had this to say about the matter:

“There were drafts where Wasp participated in the splash panel fight – the airport battle. And the truth is, it took away from the fun of seeing her suit up for the firs time – seeing her on that road to being a hero. We experienced that with Ant-Man in his own movie.”

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Personally, I believe the right decision was made to leave Wasp out of this movie. While we did see the relationship between Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne begin to unfold, it was not enough to shoehorn her into this movie. Aside from helping to take down Darren Cross, aka Yellow Jacket, and the unveiling of the Wasp suit in the post-credit scene, we haven’t seen enough of a development of her character in the MCU to throw her into this epic showdown. Albeit, Spider-Man is being thrown into the mix without a standalone film coming out prior to delve into his road to becoming a hero, but this movie seems like it will be a perfect introduction for a young Spidey who is still coming into his powers, and then is recruited by Tony Stark to join the battle. We have already been introduced to Hope, so we need to see more of her personal story before she dons her mother’s name as the Wasp.

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Later on in the panel, Christopher Markus had this to say:

“There was actually a draft Wasp was in because she was so almost on the edge of being in Ant-Man, but then you’re taking something awesome out of the Ant-Man team’s quiver if it’s like, ‘Well, we’re doing her!’ Plus she had a similar skill set, so it’s like ‘Well, maybe just isolate it to Scott.”

The movie’s team seems to have a good handle on its boundaries with characters, as well as the future for the Wasp. The first time we’ll see Hope Van Dyne step into her suit and fight alongside Ant-Man will be in Ant-Man and the Wasp which is slated to come out in theaters on July 6, 2018.

Check out the panel here!

What do you guys think? Would you have liked to see Hope’s relationship with Scott unfold, as well as her relationship to the other heroes? Or do you agree that she’s worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below and on our social media!

Source: Comicbook.com