5 Characters Being Casted in ‘The Flash’

After watching him cameo in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and realizing how crucial his role could be in the upcoming Justice League movies, the hype surrounding the upcoming Flash film is pretty high right now. When things gain traction throughout media, rumors start to fly high and eventual leaks start seeping out to the general public. One of the leaks being exposed these days are the characters that will show up in the 2017 movie: The Flash. Casting calls have been posted at numerous agencies and have been calling for these 5 characters. If this list provided by HeroicHollywood is legit, it looks like the 2017 movie is shaping up contain some of the characters that were seen on the first season The Flash (CW).


1: Iris West: A reporter at the Central City Citizen newspaper and eventual love interest of Barry Allen. She’s also the aunt of Wally West (The third Flash speedster), and grandmother of the fourth Flash. Whether we see any other speedsters besides Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller in the DCU) is yet to be seen.


2: Eobard Thawne: Thawne (Reverse Flash) was genetically modified from birth to be highly intelligent and extremely handsome, Eobard’s destiny was mapped out before he was born in the 25th century. He wasn’t the perfect song though; he had a tendency to daydream and had various social skills. He idolized Barry Allen, the first Flash, to the point where he traveled back in time (to the 21st century) and became maniacal. . The breakdown also said that Thawne is confined to a wheelchair and suffers from the same degenerative disease that Stephen Hawking currently has.


3: Fred Chyre: In the casting call, Fred is described as a random encounter at a crime scene. He meets Barry Allen and becomes close friends with him throughout the remainder of his life.


4: Len Snart: Comic book fans will know him as Captain Cold, one of the only people to achieve non-movements at 0 degree temperatures. A notorious villain but not substantial enough to act on his own. Usually hired by someone as the muscle in a scheme. Appeared on season 1 of CW’s The Flash.


5: Jay Garrick: The first superhero to be called The Flash. The casting calls describes Jay Garrick as professor employed by a university and that his appearance might just be a cameo.. The professor was also described to be working on the speed force program and using unethical methods to achieve his research goals.

Who do you think could be cast in these roles? Which other characters would you like to see appear in the Scarlet Speedsters first solo cinematic outing? Let us know!

The Flash speeds his way into theaters March 16th, 2018

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