Chris Evans Reveals The Secret To Filming The Bucky/Cap vs Iron Man Fight Scene

If there is one thing that superhero blockbusters have an abundance of, it is acrobatic, explosive, violent fight scenes. Captain America specifically uses his shield and tactical knowledge to create entertaining combat. This is one of the many reasons that fans appreciate Steve Rogers in live action.

Upon reading the first wave of Twitter reactions for Captain America: Civil War, many of the lucky fans stated that the film has one of the best superhero fight scenes of all time. Some even went so far as to claim it is the best. While we can’t be sure exactly what they are talking about, one can’t help but make predictions.

Surely the overwhelming positivity is largely due to both the tech of Tony Stark and agility of Steve Rogers, with the addition of Bucky Barnes’ brutality. The list continues on, there is a crazy number of characters, paving way for some epic fights. Although I could be wrong, however, it seems as though the Captain America / Winter Soldier duo taking on Iron Man may be the most epic fight in a comic book movie ever. A large assumption, yes, but regardless of whether or not it does top some of the other iconic fights, it can’t be not good at all. It’s just impossible!

So, with high hopes, and positive reactions, how does it all come together? Well, the answer is CGI. When Bucky and Steve are seen throwing and passing around the iconic shield, the actors were forced to time it perfectly to where hopefully they’re movement will support a computer generated shield.

Although I tried to explain it myself, the man behind the main character, Chris Evans has revealed some more interesting bits regarding the painfully long, difficult proccess. The actor said,

“That’s CGI.  It’s too impossible to try and navigate actual throws like that and get the shots you need.  That’s the tricky part of the shield in general.  Sometimes you have the full, real, heavy shield and sometimes you have the foam shield if you have to hit someone in the face, sometimes it’s no shield when you have to do really acrobatic things with it.  During that one, it was a lot miming and really tricky to go back and watch playback [and realize], ‘Maybe I threw too soon or he caught too late,’ you really have to make sure, even in your miming of the exchange that the timing is still there.  That was one of the trickiest scenes in the movie.” 

To see if this scene truly is what the early screening buzz is referring to we will have to wait at least until the embargo is lifted. Until then, don’t miss out on new Civil War footage tonight during the MTV Movie Awards!

Source: CBM