Director James Wan Discusses His Approach On Upcoming Aquaman Film

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice has finally hit theaters and taken the world by storm. Fans and audiences of the film were left divided, each with opinions of their own. Regardless of how you felt about the film, one thing’s for sure. Aquaman’s cameo was truly something memorable. Though briefly seen, his presence in the DCEU was made very clear. Jason Momoa quickly made audiences aware that this incarnation is anything but the animated superfriend of DC’s past. While promoting his new film (Conjuring 2), director James Wan spoke briefly with MTV on his approach to the long awaited upcoming Aquaman film.

“A big part of it was me telling them what potential I saw in this character, as we all know, Aquaman is somewhat the butt of the joke in the superhero world. There’s something cool about that. I love the idea of being the underdog, coming in with a take on this underdog character and completely blow people’s expectations away. Like, ’Oh, you thought he was going to be a wimpy character? No no no.’ It’s going to be so cool.”

Contrary to what audiences will be expecting, the film is not technically an origin story.

There’s Justice League that happens before it, so I have to be respectful to that, but in a lot of ways… it’s a continuation but there are origin elements as well — and that’s the story that I’m excited to tell.”

Aquaman is currently set to hit theaters on July 27th, 2018.