Eka Danville Confirmed for “The Defenders”

When approached by Spoilertv.com and asked if he will show up in the upcoming Netflix Original Series “The Defenders”,  Australian actor Eka Danville was pretty vague:

Eka:  Yes. I will be in it. I’m not sure how much yet but I will be in it.


Eka, who played Malcom Ducasse on Marvel’s “Jessica Jones”, confirmed that while he may not know the content of the upcoming team-up show, he definitely know he’ll be in it. This could vary from a simple cameo in one of the scenes to having a whole storyline involving him. Ducasse lives next to “Jessica Jones” and is one of the only people Jessica cares about, a rare trait for a woman who often c ones off as cold and emotionless. The actor himself was a great casting and took method acting to a new level. To prepare for his role, he watched YouTube videos of drug dealers interacting with their customers and drug addicts daily activities. While he may not have had a lot of roles prior to the show, he’s definitely proved his place among the stellar actors on the show. “Jessica Jones: Season 2” is currently shooting.